edge unscented

  1. edge unscented

    I know edge is strong, and i have only been using one spray at a time. I've used it over a dozen times by now, without really getting any results. Should I go to two?

  2. Give it a try and see.

  3. I just got some packets of the Edge and Chakara today. I'm kinda trying to keep an open mind and see if I get any kind responses.

    The Edge is the unscented but I can definitely smell it myself. Almost smells like musky urine? And smells very strong to me. I just used a very small amount, about 1/8 of the packet and can still smell it on me even after a couple hours.

    Do you guys notice the smell yourselves??

    I just randomly asked my wife if I smell funny and need some deoderant. She sniffed around me and said I smell good. She's also pretty engrossed in studying for a personal training test. And as we're around people all day, if she is getting turned-on at all by the stuff, I'll find out todnight.

    I'll be training a few female clients in a little while, we'll see if there's any difference in them today. Who knows??

    Tomorrow I'll try the Chakara and see if that's any better, worse, or indifferent.

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