Does anyone use pheromones?

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  1. Ive heard good things...
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

    Stay classy

  2. hah just as i was thinking.

  3. What about Aqua Di Gio from Georgio Armani? I've gotten tons of compliments on that one. Girls just toss themselves at that smell haha, it's pretty cool

  4. nope never used it ..dont believe in it

    my armani acqua & fcuk works fine 4 me

  5. I got that 10 pack sample of Chikara to try out.
    Smells like bugspray to me, but I cover with a masculine cologne.

    I noticed that people are MUCH more talkative and friendly when i use chikara.

  6. I just got a 10 pack of the gel packs from Chikara. How much of this stuff are you supposed to put on? 1/2 pack behind the ears and on wrists?


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