Living on the Edge...unscented.

  1. Living on the Edge...unscented.

    Ok, since I recieved it I have tried it on two different occasions.

    The first I used when going to a friends house. A group of three girls where there, all of who I get along with well, and two of which are sometimes flirty with me. On this day I got basically no response from any of them. However, usually we are out at a bar or someplace social, this time we were just sitting around the tv and talking to each other. I sat 1.5-3 feet from each of them. Later that night my gf told me that I "smelled great", however that is not all that unusual since I had my regular scent on along with the Edge.

    The second time I used it I had some errands to run. First went to Wallmart, and had no response but also very limited opportunity since it was pretty empty. After that I went directly to Shoprite, with the same problem, not many girls to try it out on. I did get a nervous smile from a fat checkout girl as I left, so I guess we can chalk that one up to the Edge.

    With in the next week I will definately try it again in a new location. I feel like a scientist acting as his own test monkey.

  2. I believe that edge contains androstenone which gives you a very alpha appearance to girls. You can easily overdose on any androstenone product and actually scare chicks off (maybe the reason for the nervous smile)... especially if you already have a naturally aggressive personality. I would try a smaller dose of Edge or some of the other mones to see how they work for you. All you really need is just the smallest dab to make it work. I was told that bodybuilders should go real easy with androstenone products... something about bb'ers and high hormone levels.

    I've personally had great success with Chikara, Wagg, and SOE. My boss is a woman and everytime i wear mones, she comes to my office several times a day and just lingers... when i don't wear any, she doesn't come around as much.

  3. Interesting...where do you get this? I would like to learn more about it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by babolat View Post
    Interesting...where do you get this? I would like to learn more about it.
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