Not really....Instead of using a normal approach mixed with NLP, cocky-comedy, Venisuan Arts handbook, and being confident and not needy; I used chikara as the foundation of every response I got through the night. I was totally incoherent to how I was acting and based my success totally on the pheromones. I kept a tally on how many smiles, conversations that went well, pupil dilations from women, and eye contacts. If things went well I gave the "mones" a check, if not, I didn't blame myself or my actions, I just blamed chikara and thought that I might of ODed on the mones. Now evey interaction I have I base my results from pheramones. Since using mones I notice longer smiles from women, 33% firmer handshakes from men, 74% more pupil dialation from womem in general, I sense people are more comfortable around me and accept me more as a human. My conversations with women on average have three more sentences than w/out the mones. I find myself having consesual sex more often and having to pay for it less. I now use pheromones as a crutch for life in general and would be lost without them. Thanks "mones"!!!

DISCLAIMER: I now fit the Pheromone sterotype.