The Edge vs. Pherlure (which is better?)

  1. The Edge vs. Pherlure (which is better?)

    I have been reading a bout phermones recently and waht to buy some. I was thinking about buying some Edge from LS, but recently I have been reading that Pherlure is better than the Edge.

    Which one should I get? has anyone tried both of them?


  2. From looking at the LS forums it appears like Pherlure is a scam.
    Anyway I ordered Edge and SOE, Chikara, and Perception gels.

  3. I always liked Chikara.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    I always liked Chikara.
    Although chikara has never given me that euphoric effect like the edge did, it worked the best for me. The edge worked with getting girls to admire from affar but they always seemed too intimidated. It also helped make me feel more confident which was very unusual. If I was single, I'd go with the edge. Considering I'm not, chikara it is.

  5. I tried Pherlure about a year ago. Didn't do sh**, smelled AWESOME though.



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