Met My!

  1. Met My!

    OK so in the past month or two things have been getting rougher with my girlfriend and we decided to take some time off a couple weeks ago. I took the suggestion of a friend of mine and went online to try to meet women. I quickly found one who turned out to be a friend of a friend, which made things a little easier. But I didn't know the girl nearly as well as I had thought! We will call her "S".

    Quick story...I'm a horny guy 24/7 and I like it when a girl can be as well. This girl did not give me high hopes, she's kind of shy, a very serious college student, and a workaholic when she's not in school (family owns a famous local establishment). To be honest I was happy just to hang out with S because she's such a goddam piece of eye candy that it makes me constantly amused just to look her over from head to toe...and she doesn't notice because she's too shy to make eye contact ; )

    Anyhow...S invited me to her apartment right off the bat. We ended up just talking in her kitchen for a short time then we went out to dinner, came back, and she just wanted to go to bed. I thought I was shot down permanently (I had tried some very smooth talking that night) but she was still treating me nicely.

    Yesterday S invited me back over. To keep it short, there was no warning of what this girl was like. Her sex drive matches mine and I felt oddly very comfortable with her. We were in her bed for hours and it never got boring.

    So when all was said and done and we were in her living room watching TV, her roommate (my friend's friend, who I have known for a long time) came home. We will call the roommate "J". She was surprised to see me but was friendly. I guess somehow J figured out what had taken place when she was out. She made some comments to S about it, but S was her usual shy self and was trying to be modest. Finally J said something like, "oh so that stuff I gave you must work or something!" At which point S said, "I only put it on my neck and wrists."

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stop right there! I just blurted out, "are you guys using pheromones or something?" To which J replied, "yes, how did you know?"

    Turns out J isn't the person I thought she was either, and we all had a nice long talk about all kinds of stuff. J is into pheromones and speed seduction and all the stuff I was into when I was in college. The two of them are quite a team and come up with all kinds of interesting ideas. I wouldn't call them sluts since 99% of the time all they do is tease the guys they find.

    But wow...I was amazed!!!

  2. Crazy ass college kids!

  3. LOL

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  4. pheramones or not, when a chick invites you to her place, IT'S ON!

  5. This thread is useless without pics. Just leave your ugly mug out.

  6. Ha ha thanks guys! Yeah I thought I was Mr. Smooth on the 1st date but this chick ended up giving me a run for my money!

    No pics yet but hey the adult forum is still down so what are we gonna do??? ; )
  7. tattoopierced1
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    Hey, I'm sure you didnt mind getting played for what you got payed with later on....

  8. Quote Originally Posted by methusaleh
    But wow...I was amazed!!!
    This story brought a tear to my eye. Ahhh, the single years...

    Props for making my day.

    ps: Wear a hat.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by blackheart

    ps: Wear a hat.

    And a wizard robe
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  10. LMAO this is hilarious. Hey if a girl is using pheromones on me to seduce me im all for it if im hittin it!!!
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  11. Ha ha ha! Glad you guys like that! YEs I continue to be amazed by those two...and it's only a matter of time, I am pretty sure, until it's time for J to come around and join us ; )

  12. Quote Originally Posted by methusaleh
    Ha ha ha! Glad you guys like that! YEs I continue to be amazed by those two...and it's only a matter of time, I am pretty sure, until it's time for J to come around and join us ; )
    Can i get a helllllll yyyeeeaaaaa??!!!
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  13. There should be pheremone called "less boring" because that's what this story needs.

    just playing.

    Now you know what you should do right? Turn J and S into a JMS.

  14. Yes we are working on making that sandwich happen right now...!

  15. I guess pheromones work..

  16. hahaha the player got played but hes still hittn it and thats all that matters and yes man make that JMS happen bro!!

  17. Do you feel used???
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  18. what pheremone were they wearing and did it work on you? did their mone make have the effects on you?

  19. this thread is over 2 years old. he may not respond, hell they could have two kids together by now.

  20. haha thats true and my bad i didnt realize how old the thread was just thought it was interesting

  21. Ditto!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    And a wizard robe
    These days, it's more like Renegade!
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  23. ...I was like... I've read that before.. lol.

  24. Yeah I'm still here on AM...

    Those girls were just college freshman bimbos that I enjoyed while they lasted...pretty soon reality caught up with them and they had to spend all their time studying just to stay in school, so they were dropped like hot potatoes...NEXT!

    Don't remember what I was wearing, I usually liked Chikara, I have not played with the 'mones for a while now though...

  25. and then i slapped that betch in the mouth, knocked her braces out of her mouth hahahah, is that unforgivable, i would have felt played in your shoes, then hit up the the 3 way cha ching!


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