First 'Mone Experiment- Only One Interesting Note

  1. First 'Mone Experiment- Only One Interesting Note

    I'll keep it short and leave out all the details. Suffice to say I ordered the Beginner's Kit from LS and mixed up a batch of 50/50 Edge and Musk scent. I don't think it smells too bad but I tried complementing it with some of my colognes, but could find nothing that seemed to match, so I said "what the heck" and just used it as-is with no other scent besides my deodorant. I used very very little because I didn't know if the faint odor would be considered unpleasant to some people.

    I didn't even realize that I had only applied the 'mones to one side of my body, but I did, because of the way I was sitting in the car when I put the stuff on.


    I did nothing out of the ordinary, acted like myself, I am a pretty friendly and approachable guy and they tell me I'm good-looking as well, so I wanted to see if the 'mones could do any magic if I just acted normal. Well, I have to admit that I had three women come up to me with literally no effort on my part, not even eye contact, they just walked up out of the blue and initiated conversation. Was it the magic of Edge working? Maybe...what really makes me think the stuff works is that I didn't even realize until later that I had only put the scent on the right side of my body, and very oddly (since I was at the outside of a crowd of people, with my right side in the crowd) that side just happened to be the side that all three girls approached me from and stood at.

    More trials are needed, but the fact that three women chose to stand on the most inconvenient side of me in one night, and it just happened to be the side I was wearing pheromones on, makes me to believe the stuff just might work.

  2. I know someone you might want to use them on.

  3. Dude SHE doesn't even need 'mones to get her juices flowing...too bad she's leaving tomorrow!

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