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  1. Matthew D

    erm well for 1 thing im under age yes, i dont intend 2 userhoids or ph's till im 21! ever herd of doing ur reaserch before u even think of doing ph's or rhoids!
    2nd i wasnt asking about source's if u read it, i was just asking about the genral low down on the properties of it and how it works!!!!!!!!!

    think it would really be quite a sad excuse 2 kick sum 1 off a forum!

  2. First off, it is appreciated if you could speak/write in complete sentences using complet words. Second, you can do a whole lot of research without posting one single time. Research involves the search function, you search and the you "re" search until you find all you can. There are years of threads and thousands of mebers posts archived on these boards. I don't even want to hear how you did a search but couldn't find what you needed to know.

    Matt was kind enough to give you a very clear warning and did not ban you, otherwise you would not have been able to post again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    consider this your only warning before you end up getting banned if you do this type of thing again
    Third, calling out a Mod was a very big mistake. Matt is not the only one with a ban stick.

  3. I really think that you are gone.. sorry but you are not going to be acting the ass on this forum.. see you around child

  4. For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

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