Chikara: scented or unscented?

  1. Chikara: scented or unscented?

    I'm looking into giving these pheromones a shot since it looks like I'm a single dude again. I'm particularly looking at trying Chikara. However, now it comes in an unscented version, with the scented version still available. Does anyone have a suggestion of which to try out? I take it one uses the cologne of their choice over the unscented Chikara?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. the scented one smells good to me...

  3. Scented smells awesome, I always had comments from girls how nice I smell.

  4. Scented is good, I like the scent and it's subtle enough that you can sometimes wear other things over it. I think next time I'm gonna get the unscented though because I like to have flexibility. Chikara and NPA or Edge is an aawesome combo BTW.

  5. I don't think Cuffs cares about it now. LOL

  6. ****, I didn't even look at the date, my bad.

  7. It's alrigh, all I can say is NPA and Chikara was total overkill for me and chikara never worked for me either, but NPA is a ****ing A, man.

  8. EDIT: ****in moron.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by voluser77
    anyone know where i can get some ******l?
    LOL good luck with that one bud

  10. "what are you gunna do?"
    "...I'm going to slip him a micky(sp?)"

  11. hey guys, im about to buy Chikara scented Cologne, but was just wondering if you can overdose on pheromones and if there is a age limit or anything (im thinking of getting my cousion a bottle)? i know this sounds stupid cause its only cologne but just wanted to make sure, thanks

  12. you could overdose and drive everyone away from your scent, yes. but self harm by spraying on to much... no.

  13. it's hard to od on chikara though, you'd have to use a lot

  14. Quote Originally Posted by mywetnightmares
    it's hard to od on chikara though, you'd have to use a lot
    You are so wrong!

  15. thanks guys, just a couple more questions, can i use chikara when if im doing a cycle? and 1 spray on my neck and 1 spray on my wrist a day wouldnt be overdosing right? thanks again

  16. you can use it any time on or off cycle, start with one spray and see what kind of results you get and work your way up.

  17. thanks alot man, i just got a bottle

  18. I think I'll try one as well

  19. Quote Originally Posted by chrisme20
    I think I'll try one as well
    No one cares how many posts you have.


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