Chikara arrived today!

  1. Chikara arrived today!

    My Chikara arrived today after only 3 days! 3 day international shipping (i'm in the UK) u gotta love that.

    Especially as today is ALSO my birthday, a nice little pressie there from

    Anyway i'm gonna have a small night out tonight and give the chikara a whirl. Tomorrow night is the big birthday night out with all my mates so that'll be 'make or break time' for this experiment.

    I'll post again tomorrow or when (if *fingers crossed eh*) i get in tonight.

    The going looks good for tonight, got my Chikara, it's my b'day after all, and where i live is packed with fine young ladies this weekend as a major horseracing event takes place up the road.

  2. Whenever I've used it, women have complimented me on it, every time without fail. So it does get noticed.

  3. As promised heres my night 1 report:

    Chikara - blessing or curse !

    The night started at about 9.45 when me and a mate walked into the rather popular are always packed LLoyds Bar. First signs of Chikara working were that whilst standing at the bar a girl who was standing behind me squeezed up beside me and from then onwards always had some kind of contact with me (arm, leg) i'm a shy guy so i didnt initiate any convo but it wouldnt have been hard.

    Next signs were about 5 minutes after me and my freind too up a possition in the middle of the bar. Soon enough there were 3 seperate groups of between 3-5 girls within aout 1.5 metres of us and giving us looks and 'bumping' into us.

    Here comes the curse however. Girls that i wasnt interested in (including an ex) were glued to me, this causeed problems when it came to attracting the women i did want cuase i had this 'shadow'.

    Also a sister of one of my friends (who i never talk to) just came straight up to me and started a convo. Never has this happened before.

    ANYWAY, we continue to the nightclub. For some reason i'm the life of the party, guys i've only really met through bumping into them on previous nights are shaking my hand.

    A girl i know tells me "my mate thinks your really fit, i said i'd never looked at u that way. I do now though, shes right your a hunk".

    STILL got these shadows however.

    Finished the night early as the big night is tomorrow and i need my beauty sleep. I'd say it's an above average night because although little actually happened, the response i got was great (didnt tell anyone about the mones) and if i had just been more pro-active i could of had a great night.

    I have had better nights without any mones but i reckon my lack of confidence tonight and the fact it was quiet a short night out, meant more things could have happened if i had given them the chance.

    Looking forward to tomorrow night which shoudl be a full 9 hours !!!! unless of course i fall unconcious during the procedings.

  4. Hey TS, so what happened the next night? Was it the Chikara or were your stars in alignment?

  5. Hehe, cant blame the Chikara for what happened the next night (although i wish i could!!!)

    It was my birthday night out and i was all up for pulling the girl i've been after for ages. I had dosed up on MACA and Horny Goat Weed and was ready to make my move, with the famous "how bout a birthday kiss" line.

    Then the night just crumbled around me.

    One of my mates (whos Bi-sexual) decided to let his heart out to me about how he intends to follow me when i move away, and basically try and MAKE me GAY?!

    Anyway i spent about 1 1/2 hours of my night talking to this guy and by the time i had finished the girl i was after had gone home and i was too pissed off to stay aswell so i just left all my friends and went home!


    More recentyl i wore chikara out tonight, and had a mediorcre night out. Whilst the number of females standing near me for no reason was definatly higher. There were none that I was actually attracted to, also this stuff seems to have a real magnetic affect when it comes to Ex's!!

    There was one girl that absolutly knocked me off my feet and we had good eye contact, there was no way she was english (i'm in the UK) she was definatly Scandinavian, my money is on Swedish or Danish.

    Anyway i was bowled over but i looked away cause some of the bar girls were dancing on the bar. When i looked back she was gone but her mates were stilll there, either she was at the bar or in the toilet. I scouted the bars and couldnt find her. I was without any mates by now as they had all left and so i didnt want to look a loner so i left aswell.

    Heres hoping for a more successsfull night soon.

  6. too bad

  7. Quote Originally Posted by chrisme20
    too bad
    stop whoring.


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