Alter Ego - First Impressions

  1. Alter Ego - First Impressions

    Just got this lil' guy, and lemme tell you, it smells good. Like a real cologne, although the scent doesnt seem to last too long when placed on the skin.

    Anyways, on to the feedback.

    Only one real story. I took this asian chick to the mall spur the moment (I just needed a quick test to see the results of my purchase, so I gave the girl a call). The car ride was pretty long, so I'm sure she got a good nose full of the phero's. Didn't notice much on the ride to the mall, or in the mall.

    Until we got to a store and started playing XBox (No, I didn't buy anything). I play a quick game, then I let her play a game while I laugh at how miserably poor she is at controlling an animated car.

    After we left that seated area, I noticed she started "bumping" into me alot more. Example : We'd be walking in the mall, and she'd just kinda run into my arm. We continued just walking into stores and doing jack ****.

    The ride back there was another "hit". The hair twirl! Ahahahah, alright, I laugh at this girl enough and really, I should prolly lay off (I tend to just laugh at everything though, so I probabaly won't... who has time to be overly serious about miniscule things?). So she starts twirling her hair while we listen to music in the car. I look over while we are at a red light, and the hair twirl is getting pretty tight, and she seems totally zoned out. I call her out on it... it went something like this :

    Me : "Ar..are you twirling your hair!?"
    Her : "What! No! What?"
    Me : *making fun and laughing*

    She got kinda embarassed and I just smirked and drove and tried to bring up different conversation.

    That was my first time using AE (or any phero for that matter)as well; I think it definately has potential for greatness

  2. I have NO idea if any of these work or not.

    But I do know a considerable amount on female reasctions. I am not suprised that it wasn't until AFTER you started joking/laughing on her about her lack of control on XBox.

    Cocky+Funny = attraction in most cases.

    Now, had she acted differently on the ride up there, that would be different,.... Maybe if you had mentioned she seemed a little more quiet then usual, I could amount that to the chemicals working, (you know how sometimes when your "taken" by an attractive female,.. all of a sudden , you get more shy/quiet?? - Like her realization that she was very attracted to you JUST kicked in or something.)

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