i tried this out

  1. i tried this out

    Well most people here dont like me so I dont know why I am posting this. But i thought this was interesting I have a friend who is gay. A lesbian and I think she is really attractive along with most of the other people I hang around with. I purchased Primal Instinct UNSCENTED for women for this reason to see if the science behind the pheromone worked. I went to a lesbian club in chicago with her and got wasted all night with my friend, fake name, Rhonda who is straight and Sally the lesbian. Rhonda who usually is all over me and i cant stand her didnt really talk to me and stayed on her phone for a majority of the night. But rather sally the lesbian was all over me and I ended up making out with her a few times. I invited her back to my house and we drank their. She was pretty wasted so i dont know if that had any thing to do with it. We proceeded to make out for a while i got her shirt off but never made it past there. Hey that was either a great accomplishment for me or the work of the Primal Instict. I beleive that the primal instict turned her on to me sexually but I didnt have the actual hardware she was looking for because she would grab on to the package she seemed to stop breathing real hard and settle down. She is a true lesbian. But hey maybe ill douse my self in it next week and see how it goes.

  2. cool. let us know how it goes next time.

  3. considering he's banned, i don't expect much feedback.

  4. Banned in 2 posts, that's impressive. There are a lot of quality posts at love-scent.com 's forum. It's a good read if your interested in these products.

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