chikara + TE

  1. chikara + TE

    Ordered a bottle of chikara and some packs of TE gel. I used two sprays of chikara (one one chest and one rubbed into the forearms) and 1/4 pack of TE behind the ears and on the neck. Went out last night with a girl I've been trying to nail for sometime...never got passed the old second base with her, but last night I nailed her. She is 22 and I'm almost 30. While at the bars last night I had older women...late 20's mid 30's telling me how good I looked and asking me what I was wearing. I've never had women come up to me and do this. Maybe it was halloween or maybe there is something to these phermones????

  2. Cool ...

    Quote Originally Posted by karl
    maybe there is something to these phermones????

  3. or maybe the older women were attracted to the pheremone you were wearing, some mones will do that, but anyway glad you got to nail the broad you were after for awhile congrats bro

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