OK I'm convinced the stuff works

  1. OK I'm convinced the stuff works

    Got my free sample pack a while back. I put some on the other day when I went out to the club. I was going to hook up with my girl and a few of her friends later.

    I was pretty sure this was all a bunch of bs when all of the sudden out of nowhere my girl said your cologne makes me wet!!

    I had not told her I had these samples so she had no idea. She has never said that before so I doubt it was chance.

    I did not get any "hits" or whatever that night but I'm not looking either since I am happy with my girl.

  2. That is a hit

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  3. Lol thats some reaction!!

  4. Nice! Im hoping to get hits like that when my Perception and free samples come in.

  5. Im pretty lucky. I dont need pheremones for that. I whisper anything into my girls ear at a movie theatre...and she gets wet. Doesnt even matter what it is. God I love that.

  6. how do you get the free samples again?

  7. I think every wendsday they have free samples.

  8. yep - I got the reminder email from them yesterday and cashed in on the samples.

  9. Now I want one too

  10. pleadin ignorance yet interest here...samples of which product specifically?interesting stuff here...

  11. Pretty sure your not gonna get any free samples, considering this thread is almost 2 years old.

  12. There are samples. I think they cost like $5 or something.

    It's of pheramones Juggs. On love-scent.com.

  13. I'll check this out, though this thread is dead.


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