ManBeast's Hit Stories

  1. ManBeast's Hit Stories

    Ok, I'm going to post the parts of threads I've posted in at, just so there's more testimonials.

    Ok... today at work was definitely different. After reading around here for a couple days (even hit the archives, but that *DONOTDELETE* things messes with my head...), I was looking for the very subtle things mentioned in The Phero Mixer Cookbook. And a lot of them occured in situations they had not before. I used about 10% of a SOE/m packet before my first shift (with an axe "essence" base [I felt safe due to the small amount of SOE/m]), but I think I sweated a lot of that off, except the girl I worked with was twirling her hair all the time and looking for excuses to bump or nudge me.
    I went home for lunch and I put on another 10% (in the "go light" idea) on my undershirt (end of sleeves (short), back of neck, chest) and went in for my second shift, which ended up being 4 hours in the weightroom. A few of my regulars came through, and all of the guys were just more chatty in general, nothing "strange" just a bit more converstional than they normally are in the weightroom. The girls were way more open in posture, giggly, flirty, not wanting to end the conversation, more receptive to sexual innuendo... It wasn't like "oh lets go jump in bed" but they were definitely more interested it seemed. Lotsa fun and two thumbs up!

    Small update:
    Went out to dinner with a long time gal pal (~4 years) very close friend, nothing sexual most of the time, and one of her friends (a girl I've met once... twice maybe). My good friend is a wee bit more touchy, and occasionally got DIHL, where the other girl was constantly twiddling her hair and had a near-constant DIHL, too bad I didn't think she was cute at all. The most exciting news was my good friend's roomie from last year (she's staying at her old place). This was definitely a hit... She was very very physical, caressing me when we hugged, leaning against me, woohoo! Too bad she had 2 papers to write for tomorow, LoL!
    The weapons of choice were:
    1/3 pack of unscented SOE (wrists, elbows, back of neck, front/sides of neck, behind ears, and on chest, and wiped my fingers off on my temple). I covered it with 2.5 sprays of Hugo Boss Baldessarini (.5 on the undergarments (mist and walk through), 1 spread between wrists and neck, and 1 walk-through on the outergarments). As a side note, has anyone ever mixed NPA with Baldessarini?

    Ok, not exactly sure where I'm going to end up tonight, or what I'll be doing, but it will be social/sexual (isn't that every college kid's goal? ). So I'm giving this a shot.
    1 "finger dab" of NPA on the neck.
    2 sprays of Chikara (wrists and neck/chest)
    A little SOE behind the ears and in the elbows.
    I'll report back anything ASAP
    Went very well. Caugh a LOT (for me) of girls checking me out at the bowlin alley (ok... It was a bar that happened to have a few lanes ). Not too many people to try and pick up on, but all the girls in our group were really touchy and joked around with a bit more sexual innuendo than normal with me. No comments of cat pee smell, or wierd aggro behavior from the guys. Guess I lucked out on that one with the NPA/Chikara. I've still got a bit of experimenting to do.

    I had some friends from High School (2 girls one b/f, and a guy) (I'm going to be going into my 5th year of college here) come up for a night of partying to my town. The two single guys (myself and 'goose'), went out phermonally enhanced. I had taked a break the last couple days at home, because I wasn't lookin for hits at all back home *shudder* and he had never used them before.
    Him: 1 dab NPA, 1/3 pack of SOE, and a bit of my Baldessrini for a great cover (both the girls immediately commented on how good he smelled).
    Me: 4 sprays Chikara and a little SOE (the girls weren't around me when I got ready).

    We went out to a couple parties, I got some great DIHL and touchy hits at the first party. Where my friends took the time to catch up with each other a bit. At the second party I ran into a girl I've been flirty with at work a lot lately, and got her number ! At the third party I had another girl hanging all over me, kissing my cheek and neck, but she dissapeared when I went to use the facilities (DOH!).

    Now... goose. First party he didn't do anything, except the single girl from H/S (there was a bit of sexual tension between them senior year) was always tryin to sit near him, and touch him. At the second party she was always holding him, not showing interest in anyone else, same thing basically the rest of the night. Good `ol Goose had some fun in my livingroom that night! I definitely credit the pheromones to helping in this case, because he is very quiet and shy and not good at being directly or indirectly sexual in a conversation.

    Hey all, just a quick (I hope) update. I've been using SOE (scented or unscented) in small amounts as my "base" for phermones in a daily environment, and it has been working great. Everyone is more chatty (guys and girls) even people that have known me for a while are starting to show signs of acknowledging my "new" phermone signature. Very good results.
    I also took a sampler of "Bvlgari" by Hugo Boss and made a ~8:1 mix of it and NPA, I used some of this, along with a little of my Baldessarini (the scents compliment each other nicely), and SOE (for `nol and `rone) when I went out to a friend's party Friday night. Wow what a hit... I wheel my bike up around 10:00, not quite sure I'm at the right place yet even (college town where everyone moves every year it seems, LoL), and one of the girls that lives there shouts "Hey!" I quickly ascertain that I'm at the right place, lock my bike up, and start talking with the girl. I don't follow her around too much while at the party, but she would always manage to be nearby when I would wander off (air, beer, phone, whatever), and by midnight or so had dubbed me her "bodyguard." We were basically inseperable from that point on, even when we headed out to other parties in town. I ended up getting her number and had a lil fun as well at the end of the night on a cliff overlookin the beach.

    I've been experimenting with Perception this past week and have nothing but positives about it. First time I used it, had some minor hits, but didn't end up in the social situation I was expecting that day. I used it exclusively the last few days (Thurs-today (sat)), and let me say that it is truly amazing how well this product leads to hits...
    I Applied Thursday around 10:00 AM, went to work from 11-3, Definite hits, guys and girls were friendlier and chattier, Got a good amount of DIHLs from girls, or ones that couldn't take their eyes off of me.
    On Friday I woke up early to work from 6:30-11 before working out. I had many many hits the second part of that shift, just due to a lack of people during the first part. Usually at the front desk, people can get hostile and irritable over stupid stuff, I didn't seem to have any of those problems this shift, even with "regulars" who are difficult. Lots of girls who came in had DIHL, or trouble concentrating on things. Amazing that this stuff was still working at this point.
    Later friday (after a shower/scrub/re-application) The hits were just left and right, basically anyone who came near me just wanted to talk, hang out, and flirt (especially if they didn't know me). Even my boss (who usually doesn't seem to like me much) was friendly, chatty, and overall nice.
    Today, I again put on a small application after showering and went out to lunch with 1 dude and 3 girls. 2 of the girls have long term boyfriends (1 LJBF'd me, and the other is definitely attracted based on past non-`mone experience), and the other really wasn't my type it seemed. All the girls were really excited and chatty (even the normally quiet one), and I caught the one that is attracted to me looking at me, playing with her hair, smiling, and not looking away when I made eye contact unexpectedly.

    To sum it up... I love this product. The scent is great, it lasts (and I sweat like a mofo when it's not HOT, and it's been... HOT), and it works. I've never gone above 2 sprays of the `mones, and 2 total sprays of the scent.

    I hope y'all at least got some laughs outta this!

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  2. LOL....I farted in bed this morning, and five minutes later was having Morning sex with the "old Lady", I even had to call in work late because of it......think I got some kind of natural pheromomnes going.....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ManBeast
    (even hit the archives, but that *DONOTDELETE* things messes with my head...),
    LOL, I could not agree more. I Was digging away at their forum a while back and I kept thinking "who is this *DONOTDELETE* guy and why does he post so damn much". Took me at least 30 mins to realize what was up... granted it was like 5 in the morning.

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