A Little Pheromone Information

  1. A Little Pheromone Information

    I have been experimenting with pheromones for a while now. I was a member of Love-Scent long before they came to this board to advertise. There is one thing I picked up at their forums a while back, that some of you may not know.

    Pheremones may not work too well for people who already know you. When you spend time with someone, they develop a "Pheremone Imprint" of you. So lets say you already have a girlfriend, and you get a strong pheremone, like "The Edge" to try and excite her. Well, it may not do anything, as she has already developed a pheremone imprint of you.

    Now, say that your girlfriend went away for a month and then came back, then it would most likely have a very different affect. It would probably make her extreamly excited/aroused when she saw you again.

    This property makes pheromones a great help for meeting new women (or men in a womens case), or for situations as above, but it may not do much for already existing relationship, or even that "friend" or CoWorker who you have been trying to get with for a while. If you are around them all the time, they probably wont have a reaction.

    I just figured I would post this for you guys to read, in case you havent spent alot of time researching on your own. Also, this said, I would also like to state that while the pheromones may not have an imediate reaction to someone you know, if you do use them during sex, it still could provide some interesting results for your partners arousal.
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  2. Excellent point....To hop in on this one, I believe people have to take a practical approach and examine the sociological factors that make us HUMAN. I have posted on this aspect before which is easily understood by demonstrating the difference between the effects of pheromones on insects and animals as opposed to humans. Our ability to use logic and complex though patterns, as well as define attraction through multiple variables do indeed make us less dependent on pheromones (and believe me, even THAT statement is up for debate as some believe as more research is performed that we are WAY more dependent on pheromones than we think). That being said, a close friend, girlfriend, wife etc, which is so in tune to your personality, interactions, scent and everything else is less likely, in my opinion, to be affected than a stranger. When wearing pheromones, you are demonstrating your power, dominance, approachability, sexuality, potential for sucessful copulation, perception of attitude/personality, etc. in a different light than your natural secretion would. It only makes sense that a stranger or someone less familiar would respond with more authority than one who has had the ability to become fully acquainted with your "natural you". And it just so happens that the majority of users apply pheromones for the purpose of attracting potential mates than using it for current relationships. Being one who originally did the former, but now plays with the latter, I have developed a keen sense of the pheromone ratios that affect my girlfriend in different ways. As a developer, I use distinct blends even WITH THE SAME FRAGRANCE and have heard her same numerous times, what are you wearing tonight? I'll usually just smile and say, oh, my special blends....you know me . The only product she has become aware of (and thats because she found it and played with it) was Chikara hahah.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Goanna5
    Pheremones may not work too well for people who already know you.
    A valid point, but I hope people don't read it as, "it won't work at all on my friends/girlfriend" - simply not true. If you are really interested, do some research or post some questions at LS. If you can't be arsed, then just slap it on and have some fun.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    I believe I've had decent results from NPA, but all these conditional qualifiers of mixes, amounts, timing,place, type of persons, etc.to the effect of Phermones makes me suspicious of their value.

    Most people might better invest their limited social budget in some teeth whitening strips and some new shirts.
    IMHO, a lot of that is a waste of time. Adding a few mones to your daily life is going to help improve your chances of getting laid. Find one or two products that work for you and use them sparingly. Mones help your game is all, give you an edge. Your appearance and demeanor are always going to count for more than the mones.

  5. where can you buy the edge? and is it scented or not?

  6. www.love-scent.com
    Check out their forum and read up a bit before buyin anyhting.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  7. Quote Originally Posted by DobermanXXL
    where can you buy the edge? and is it scented or not?
    You can get it in scented and unscented at www.love-scent.com but do some studying first. Edge may or may not be the best product for you and for many of us it is way to easy to OD on. With pheromones, more IS NOT better! Your best bet is to get some of the cheap gel packs in a variety of products to experiment with first. That way you'll have a good idea what really works for you without spending a lot of money.


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