Come Learn About EXCELLENT board to visit

  1. Come Learn About EXCELLENT board to visit

    In case you bros are living in a vacuum and haven't noticed my next product to help in your goals is being release very soon. It's NOT related to nutrition/fitness/bodybuilding per se but still relevant to common goals: PHEROMONES.

    I understand that it is a departure from what most have been discussing and what most are interested in but I assure you that once you start looking into it the benefits will become evident

    At any rate, there is no need to recreate the wheel...the owner of LS has a board with over 100,000 threads over pheromone discussion. I can answer technical questions here or over there but to get everybody caught up I encourage you to visit their forum.

    Click the banner at the top of this forum (the LS one) and then once it takes you to the LS store there is a link at the top that says "Live Forum". Take a look around and you don't have to register to read threads.

    I'll see you over sure to take a look around the store since you'll be there and give some feedback to Bruce. It is a new design for him and he's looking for opinions.


  2. Feel free to direct any questions to me as well as Bobby and I are working together on this project.

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