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    ok so this pasty summer i did hemadrol and propadrol..

    i did them as recommended doasage for 4 weeks and then did swole stack .. and i got some flare ups .. then out of no where i found out my mom has a big supply of nolvadex cuz she had breast cancer so i took them and flare ups going away ..

    now that i know i have like 4 weeks of nolvadex ( doctor prescription ones)
    what is the recommended pH i can take that gives good results.. im gonna research more obviously cuz i was an idiot the first time and rushed and didnt even get that good of results out of it ..

    im looking to maybe start towards the end of winter maybe ..

    right now im on get up and go stack when that is finished i will be going clen and kitotifen for about 6-8 weeks ..

    then gonna take a lil break and do another ph..

    so with that said i wanna hear what people recommend and why ..
    and what supps to take on my next ph cycle .. i wanna be prepared with supplys and wanna be prepared with knowledge ..

    and idk if im just peranoid but is ur balls shrink if u dont take a serm right or ur ****.. sometimes i get peranoid looking at my junc .. so im looking forward on reading people msgs on this thread thanks

  2. Wrong section, bro. Common mistake. Post in the "Anabolics" section and you'll get your answers.

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