My Axcite Review!!!

  1. My Axcite Review!!!

    First I just want to Thank BigSmith again for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

    Background: Within the last 2-3 years i've been doing a lot of homework on pheromones. The idea of a cologne that gives you an edge when meeting women probably appeals to the majority of men out there. My first experience with a pheromones would have to be Realm cologne, which i rather enjoyed and have recieved compliments from women on numerous occasions. While researching other pheromones online (I've come across thousands of sites) everyones promising the same thing (more sex, looks, opportunity's to meet women, etc...) so its very hard to distinguish which work and which are looking for a quick buck. About a year ago while surfing the net I came across Axcite. Axcite intrigued me on a couple of levels because majority of pheromones out their only have 1 or 2 active ingredients, Axcite has like 6. Also, the creators of Axcite (Athletic Xtreme/Anabolic Xtreme) are pretty well known and I have used many of their products prior.

    Review: When I recieved the package in the mail, I was actually rushing out the door to meet up with friends at a bar. Luckily I just got out of the shower and my roomate told me I had recieved a package before I had a chance to put on any cologne. When I first open the box, I took out the spray bottle (which looks exactly like the one on the website) nothin flashy at all on the spray bottle (which could be beneficial if kept in a glove compartment or bag, so no one knows what it is). The bottles about 3.5-4 inches with 10mL in it. My initial when spraying it on my wrists was enjoyable, I can see how people would compare it to Aqua Di Gio. Its very light and refreshing. If I would compare it to a cologne I would say its like Aqua Di Gio mixed with a little bit of Hanae Mori (personally, but i'm sure ppl will probably dispute
    After spraying on my wrists and neck I put my shirt on and am almost ready to head out. On my way I pass my roomate (which is a male) and he automatically disagrees with the scent saying I smell like sweat. I honestly couldn't smell this, although Ive read on other reviews of people having a similar case. Me about to freak out and shower again decide to ask our female roomate(which would be the deciding factor). Right away she says she likes it. She didn't smell any sweat smell at all (which caused a 5 min argument between my roomates about how the other ones So I decided to wear it out and see what happens.
    Once at the bar, I start mingling and talking to friends. I meet a couple of girls that a friend of mine introduces me too. They were nice very social. No one directly complimented my scent (which i was hoping for) but i did notice that every now and then one of the girls would just stand awkwardly close to me without saying a word. Which because this doesn't happen very often i'm goin to have to give to axcite. Wasn't a really crazy night, more lax than anything. But I definitaly plan on doing more field testing with Axcite.

    Just have a couple of questions, If anybody knows that be great:
    1. I'm usually into heavier colognes (like ones that radiate i.e. Thierry Mugler Amen etc...). Is their any way to make Axcite radiate a little more?
    2. Can you mix a other colognes with Axcite?
    3. What colognes would people recommend mixing with axcite?
    4. Any tips/tricks while wearing Axcite?

    Thank You

  2. Glad you got it.

    You can mix it with another cologne, really the scent is a masking agent to help mitigate the smell of the pheromones. So some people they may smell like sweat, but to most women its pure hotness!

    I have never tried to really double up however so don't have any great advice. Just be careful not to overdo it or you may reverse some of the effects.

  3. Yeah, don't go bathing in cologne here. You're not laying down a cover scent to go hunt or anything! (I doubt AXcite + doe estrust would work!!)

    If you were going to mix it up, try to spray AXcite on and wait an hour or two for the cologne to fade. Spray on something else, but try to coordinate and do NOT overdo it. The phero's will last longer than the fragrance, but like Smith said, don't over do it. Did I mention not to overdo it?

    Other than that, great review! I'm not the lady killer here, but notice the same sort of awkward proximity when wearing AXcite out somewhere. It's definitely nice to be noticed a little more!

    Good luck, and remember to glove up!
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