Dial bodywash

  1. Dial bodywash

    whats up guys well i was at the store last week and was getting some personal hygiane stuff and apperantly there is Dail body with androstadienone, i used exite and i liked it got told i smell great all the time and same with this i do use a bunch of bomb colone, but have any of u seen the Dial bodywash and or tried it also to any avail,

    sorry for my horriable grammer

  2. ive used it several times.. dont get any reaction from it but it does smell good and its cheap. so, hey why not try it out

  3. Im an Axe fiend. I have like 5 different scents in my shower. My girl gets me a new one every week or so. Gotta hate it when a man smells like a gym...

  4. yea i love axe kilo, but i seen the dial and jumped on it, it was cheaper

  5. Old Spice FTW!!!
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  6. It is pretty cheap. I have used it before without any reaction.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by jackedandtan1 View Post
    yea i love axe kilo, but i seen the dial and jumped on it, it was cheaper
    yeah Axe has a great scent to it, but if I'm trying to wash impurities out most effectively I'll go with Dial 10/10 not a big fan of liquid soaps, I think bars have higher concentration of whatever it's in them. Nonetheless, nice to see it has (or had ) andros-t on it ... reps to anybody posting if it still does.


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