Pheromones that WORK?!?!?

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    I'll go request it now
    I beat you

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Geoforce

    I beat you
    I quoted you haha

  3. Renegade skin balm is back in stock

  4. You pretty much answer everything for your fellow men. However again from a woman perspective, if you treat yourself with respect...a woman would do the same thing, so vise versa.

    Quote Originally Posted by lennoxchi View Post
    and confidence. but keep in mind there's a big difference between confidence and ****iness and it is a fine line to be sure. most women like and are attracted to confidence. there's a few rules that i like to go by and these define how i treat the woman I'm with.

    1. treat them like a woman. pull their chair out, open the door (both car and entrance), just basically have some manners for Christ sakes. watch most any movie from the 20's to the 50's and watch how men treat they're women (for the most part)

    2. do your best to be honest. i know it will not happen all the time but make an effort, they know when we're lying anyway.

    3. i shouldn't even have to mention this, but don't cheat on your GF, wife or whatever. here's how i look at cheating, if i want to sleep with someone else and am seriosly considering it, then the relationship is all ready over between us.

    now, there's a few things i would like to explain about what i just wrote. if at any point you being a nice guy means that she thinks she can walk all over you then at that point you need to make it clear that just because you do nice things for her, all that can be undone in a minute if it's not appreciated or if being nice is confused with being weak. and the things i outlined above, i will be the first to admit that i don't do them all perfectly sometimes and will still fail in the future. I've done something recently that I'm not to proud of (there's a thread about it here) but i made a small mistake and am not going to do it again. a hard part about being a nice guy is doing it for the long haul and not just when the relationship is new. some women like nice guys and some don't so choose wisely who you treat well, some women are just not worth it. and do yourself a favor, don't listen to small minded people who say things like "dude your whipped" or similar crap like that, just because they are a douche and jump from one woman to the next doesn't mean you have to. now keep in mind I'm 33 not 23 so my out look on life and relationships has changed over the last 10 years, if you're young or if you're old and still want to run around then go for it, theres nothing wrong with that but you can have a little respect for them while you're doing that. if you think all woman are whores and you treat them that way then two things are certain, you will die alone or with someone who could not do better and you will never attract a woman who is stable and happy with her self and willing to treat you well......

    just my rambling......

  5. Being 2013 and science advancing everyday. Any new pheromones on the market worth noting ?

  6. Studies on pure wolverine urine look promising. Making sure you are getting high quality product is the most difficult part.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyjd View Post
    Studies on pure wolverine urine look promising. Making sure you are getting high quality product is the most difficult part.
    Get it while it's hot!
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  8. Testim gel. Rub it on and watch the women flock.
    Current stack/cycle: PWO: CATALYST / INTRA: Amino Beyond / Protein: Optimum Gold Standard.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Z28Luver7777 View Post
    I STILL use Renegade (evo-muse) but mostly because it's the best moisturizer and doesn't cause breakouts or further drying out from use.
  10. Pheromones that WORK?!?!?

    WTH. 2 year bump for the hump?

    Sex Panther
    60% of the time it works every time.
    Follidrone 2.0 | Vector | Letrone | Rebirth | Exotherm | Nootrol | Viron | Prolactrone +
    Want to know more?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by justhere4comm View Post
    WTH. 2 year bump for the hump?

    Sex Panther
    60% of the time it works every time.
    Hahaha yea I was hoping to pick up the latest pheromone on the market

  12. I've been using pheromones for a couple years now, on and off, well there is a quite good brands out there.

    At this moment I have 3 brands
    1st is from haxpheromones
    1 bottle X22 and 1 bottle of C4 and no that is not the C4 from pre-workout that I also use ahahah

    2nd fromalpha-dream
    1-bottle License to Kill

    3rd from pureguilt
    1- botttle Classic Man & 1- bottle of Mr. CEO

    Some of them i use on a daily bassis.

  13. Any updates on these?

  14. Pheromones have made a big difference with my mental issues and help to make me feel better and not so sad and hopeless. I use Pherazone.


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