Weakest PH to Strongest PH??

  1. Weakest PH to Strongest PH??

    Hey guys, I have been working out for almost 25yrs now, have used Steroids in the past, none in 15yrs. I recently got interested in prohomones due to the FDA bans and such on products that really work. At age 35 I have aches and pains due to lifing heavy and cant recover like the good old days. I am currently suffering through it all and it sucks... I just want to feel good and grow slowly...

    I have read alot on the net about 1ad, halotest, hemadrol, methyl e, 1,4ad, etc. most info was from 2006-2007ish some more recent. Just wondering which are weakest to strongest. I grabbed a bunch over the past 2 weeks. RIGHT BEFORE they were pulled off the market some the DAY before...thank God

    5, andro rx 1ad.
    3, Stanzadrol.. 1,4ad and halotest stacked
    8 hemadrol, halodrol-50/turnibol clone pro steroid.
    3 halotest-25 "same stuff?/" almost??
    3 methel E episitne, sounds good....

    I got this all for the next couple of years I figured since I wont be able to buy when I want it in the future.

    I want to start with weakest and work my way to stronger PH's. Was thinking about 8-10 weeks of the 1AD followed by 6 weeks PCT trione-6 or clomid or 1000-2000mg tribulis t etc??

    I am 6' 207lbs right now, decently lean and want to add 10lbs muscle and lose 10lbs fat and STAY that way...for this coming summer. I have had just about every body type in the past, BIG...to fat...to lean...to ripped I know what usually works for me, just looking for some advice from experienced users of these products. THANKS..

  2. wrong forum section. this is the pheromones. you gotta post it under anabolic section.

  3. You new guys have to learn how to read, if you cant spell it you def dont need to be using it.

  4. What they said ^^

  5. Hey bro, I was just lookin threw different threads & bumped into urs & I dnt care if u posted in the wrong section or if u spelled sumthin wrong. I'm not gunna jump on ur case for tht cause I have nuthin bttr to do. I'm gunna address the question at hand. As for wich one is strongest to weakest is very hard to tell you cause sum work bttr for others in peoples bodys & sum work like ****. Sum wll say xx is the strongest & yy is the weakest & I culd say the oppisite. The question at hand was there nutrition spot on & sleep good & training locked? There are so many thngs we do not know. Anyways as 4 the compounds u seem pretty stocked up & I hope u don't plan to even thnk about bein able to run all of those in the 2 to maybe 4 year span they wll b most potent or fresh. I've ran my fair share of oral roids & so on but I never go off a name & I go by compounds cause a name is usaully misleadin & so on. There r so many makers out there & sum r under dosed & sum r potent. U need to do research on the compounds itself & pick one u want to run tll the end & proper pct & listen to ur body while ur on a cycle. Sum people thnk running a cycle is a magic pill wich it is not. Up ur cals to atleast 4000-5000 to bulk is usually the norm but there r other bettr ways to dial in ur diet for bulkin or cuttin. Here is a very true & strong advice to u & anyone readin. U can only focus on either bulkin or cuttin & not both. I am tireed of hearin people say I want to gain 10 lbs but lose 20 lbs & so on. Yes u wll lose fat while bulkin but not like u thnk cause u need fats to gain muscle. Off cycle is whn I would worry abouut cuttin & 2 see how much quality muscle u actually gained outside of water & such. We culd go on & on but I thnk research is in ur best interest. Any othr specific questions just inbox me. I am an up & comin bodybuilder/figure competitor & I wll b makin my waves late 2011. I knw there wlll b lots of bumps in my path but u can't get reconized until u see how u stand nxt 2 others. Also for the clown tht said pheromones were just for colognes or watever I highly suggest u look deeper into the compounds they thnk they no so much about cause pro-horomones & designer steriods,pro steriods indeed have pheromones in em. Keep watch for the anabolic kidd in 2011 "team ayalabolic". Also knw tht its all about eatin,growin,restin & repeatin. Yes I believe the products help if u give 100%. I'm on a cycle tht I wll never trade for any other compounds. Its hard to get ahold of & I have a place tht stll carrys a few bottles & I was gunna stock up but I only run maybe 2 long cycles a year. So the product might go bad so hopefully I got luck to find it again or sumthin comes about bttr. Tht leaves innovation to the supplemeent game. Genetics r key tooo bro!

  6. I tried to read that....I really did.

  7. me too. i made it about two lines and gave up.


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