x-tren / M-1-D cycle?

  1. x-tren / M-1-D cycle?

    thinking about setting up a x-tren / M-1-D stack for next week any thoughts on this??

    not sure if i posted exp and stats on here ... but I just finsihed another SD run in early oct.... this one i bridged with phera, and got some really good gains. right now im sitting 6'3" about 210lbs... working to get to 240

    figured I would for sure put on size with this stack for winter bulk as opposed to our new product Methyl Masterdrol V3... wich would give more stregth and hardning...

    so let me know what you think about this stack and also if you think adding anything else would be benifical(all support supps are taken care of)... so lets hear it

  2. yes, M-1-D sucks. It is just DHEA, and try posting this in the supplement section. this is
    the P-H-E-R-O-M-O-N-E-S section. Not prohormones. Either way Prohormones are just a weak version of steroids with twice the side effects and health risks.

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