Chikara Gel Packs

  1. Chikara Gel Packs

    I have personally used these, several times.

    I won't say they are a miracle, but they do help you out quite a bit.
    Most girls think they smell nice, and (no offense) un-straight guys do not seem to like the smell.

    It is my personal belief that if you are on the razors edge of some trivial social situation, these might just give you a slight advantage if you are dealing with women.

    Just thought i'd throw that out there.
    If anyone has questions about them, i'll try my best to help you guys get a solid answer.


  2. lol@ "un-straight guys"

    1st time i've seen it termed like that

  3. i try to be very correct and respectful about peoples situations.

  4. fair enough.

  5. I just bought the new Chikara cologne. Says the new formula is stronger than Primal Instinct. Ill let you know how it goes.



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