Starting H-Drol Cycle tomorrow

  1. Starting H-Drol Cycle tomorrow

    Hello everyone! As you guys can see i am new to board, but i been lurking for a while on hormones section. Tomorrow i will be starting my first ever ph cycle of H-Drol which will be 50/50/50/50 and while on cycle i will be taking Cycle Assist by Competitive Edge Labs and for post cycle i have Novedex Xt lined up. I would appreciate if some of you could tell me if i will need anyhing else while on cycle or for post cycle (money is not issue) i just want to make sure i do it right.

    My cocern is i dont want to get gyno or having libido problems after post cycle. Is there anything else i could take while on cycle to help prevent gyno or on post cycle. I just want to be safe Please help

    24yrs old
    3yrs lifitng experiance


  2. Sorry wrong section!!

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