How safe are pheromones and can they affect hormone production?

  1. How safe are pheromones and can they affect hormone production?

    Check this out. This indicates that pheromones indeed affect hormones, at least in women. Then most likely also in men. This really makes me wonder wether wearing male pheromones may affect the hormone production.
    The question is: Is this positive or negative? Does your hormone profile get more manly when you're covering yourself in male pheromones or does it get less manly?
    Who knows what the long-term effects of wearing pheromones is? What if this stuff messes with your body somehow or what if trace amounts of the pheromones enter through the skin into the body? This is a bit scary.

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  2. Well thought out and great questions!

    It has been proven that pheromones can affect hormone levels: A study by Astrid Jutte showed that testosterone levels in men increased by 150% when exposed to female copulins.

    As far as your hormone profile changing, the type of change would depend on the pheromone molecules you were wearing: Androstenone or Androsterone would create a more manly profile.

    But, wear something like estratetraenol, which is a pheromone that pregnant women emit to maelicit comfort and protection from men, or copulins, which is a vaginal secretion and you will likely come across as less manly.

    However, even female pheromone at the right levels can aid in attraction. Low doses of copulins worn by men can create the impression that you just had sex or are a player, which some women find attractive. Just don't wear it around a girlfriend or significant other.

    estratetraenol worn by a man may decrease your masculinity a bit, but can make women feel that you will be there to comfort and protect them.

    As far as long term effects, nobody really knows for sure what the long term effects may be. However, pheromones are byproducts of hormones as they break down, so even if trace amounts were absorbed back through the skin I can't see there being much harm. That's just my opinion though!

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