1. Headaches?

    Hey Guys I just wanted a few opinions from your experiences. I'm about two weeks into my HDrol cycle and I'm having almost non-stop wicked headaches. Thinking it might be dehydration, I've been chugging water with no change. I'm running my HDrol (50mg) with Hawthorne Berry, Niacin, Milk Thistle and Fish Oil. Am I missing something or is this just to be expected. I'm also noticing that my entire body aches. Not like the soreness after a good workout, but feeling like I'm 80 years old kind of soreness. I'm definately seeing the positives of the HDrol. All lifts have steadily increased, body fat has decreased and the guy in the mirror is starting to look DAMN good! Any suggestions on these headaches and body aches though? Thanks guys!

  2. wrong section...

    these things happen...i'd start by taking more magnesium!

  3. Pheromones not Prohormones..

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