Would some of these substances affect the doping test?

  1. Would some of these substances affect the doping test?

    I am wondering whether...

    Tribulus (possible association w/ T/E ratio?)
    Horny Goat weed (possible association w/ T/E ratio?)
    inosine anhydrous (increase oxygen carrying ability... same class as blood doping?)

    might cause some adverse effect on the result of my doping test.. I take less than 50mg of each substance.

  2. i am wondering why are you only taking less than 50mg of each...doing nothing. not even close to effective doses!

  3. it is just in some medication that i take... that's all

  4. i wouldn't worry about it

  5. man i just realized that this board was Pheromone, not prohormone haha.. my bad!



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