Double Dragon Anyone ?

  1. Question Double Dragon Anyone ?

    Double Dragon Pharmaceuticals SOS 500

    SOS 500

    19-nor-androsta-4, 9-diene (Estra-9, 4-diene-3-dione)

    13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2, 5 (10) dien-17-one

    2a-17a di-methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol

    60 Capsules

    What do you think ?

  2. Good question.. wrong forum. Move to steroid or supplements.

  3. Double Dragon? H*LLS YEAH!

    Oh, nevermind...
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  4. Very fun game... tv show wasn't too horrible either... overall I'd give it..... 2 thumbs up!

  5. double dragon? sounds like a sex toy lol
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  6. hey just letting people know i took dd sos 500 about 4 times now. i did my first cycle when i first turned 16 and took then took one at 18, 20 and then at 22. i took cycle assist with it and when i finished the four weeks i took the dd pct 350. i really havent had any side effects yet. i took animal stack after i finished the pct so i figured that may have helped my body start to produce test on its own. so i consider this a good products. great gains no side effects... for now at least i will probably die when im 60 now.

  7. you've been working out and taking cycles since you were 16 and you're still 6'2'' 170 pounds?


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