PEScience GenoFlex, Feedback on our Premium Joint Support

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    PEScience GenoFlex, Feedback on our Premium Joint Support

    Logs are still ongoing and there will be much more added to this as they go on, and again after all of AM is enjoying their GenoFlex after release!

    Thoughts so far:

    Quote Originally Posted by toddmuelheim View Post
    I've tried glucosamine and chondroitin, msm, hyaluronic acid, super cissus, etc. I'm a half bottle into GenoFlex and am blown away by how effective it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post
    3 days: "I definitely didn't think I'd notice any improvement this fast...but if it is this thing could be a god send."
    Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post
    "no knee pain today. GenoFlex seems to be doing it's job well and I'm only 6 days into the bottle."
    Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post
    "Today makes the 1 week mark I've been on GenoFlex. My knees and right wrist pain are at about 50% of what they were before I started."
    Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post
    "Btw guys, I'm only a week through my genoflex bottle and i can tell you with confidence that i will be stocking up on this stuff. I know it sounds crazy to say I'm feeling it that quick, but from what i can tell nearly everyone that's logging it is seeing the same thing. This will be a staple for me in my pre PL competition repertoire."
    Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post

    Knees- the pain in my knees is essentially non-existent. The last two days have been the best my knees have felt in i don't even know how long. In the past, walking down stairs and pushing myself back up to standing from a lunged position (ie: being at the bottom position of a FW lunge and pushing myself back up to the original place i was standing) were the two biggest exacerbating factors of my pain and over the last two days I've been able to do both completely pain free. It's pretty awesome to not have joint pain, i kind of forgot what it was like.

    Right wrist- still some pain here, but not anything like it was. It has definitely improved from my last update and overall over the course of this bottle. The clicking/popping in my wrist has also become less intense. "

    Quote Originally Posted by carmaf View Post
    "This has been my first experience with a truly effective joint product, and it's made me see the value of a good joint health supp"
    Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    I bought some for my wife and she's been using it also about 4 days and feels a lot better.

    She's actually only using 2 caps a day too.

    Before she was having wrist pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and her ankle too. Now the only thing that's still hurting is the shoulder with the labrum tear, but she says it does feel better.

    Quote Originally Posted by thedarce View Post

    Day 3: "boom woke up knee is feeling strong! is dis real life? dis quick?"

    Quote Originally Posted by thedarce View Post
    "my knee is feeling amazing. woke up today and no pain, nice and strong. not gonna lie my knee feels 100% and its been about a week, im seriously getting excited for the inner circle sale on this, i need to pick more up when it goes on sale."
    Quote Originally Posted by dixonk View Post
    As a guy in his 30s with army knees this stuff has been nothing short of a godsend. I have been using it for around 4 days now and already have relief in the knees.

    Quote Originally Posted by YatesWifey04 View Post
    Pulled a new Deadlift PR yesterday. My muscles are sore today, but no achy joints....even after doing squats & deads in the same workout!!! I'm still really seeing the benefits of the GenoFlex!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Woody View Post
    I asked my girlfriend to sum up her thoughts so far

    "My hands and knuckles feel a lot better. I bent down on my knee yesterday and it didn't hurt and it didn't hurt to get back up. I've had no pain through out the day for the past few days. "

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post
    4 days: "
    I know it is still early but I have to say that I did notice less pain in my knees/hips. I felt noticeably more comfortable under heavy weight."
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post
    "Alright! Here is an update. I have been taking GenoFlex for a little over a week now. When I say that I am putting it to the test I really mean it and so far I have to say that I am very impressed."
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post
    "I was expecting to be sitting here today and my knees to be aching to high heaven because of the brutal workout I had to fit in yesterday; however, I feel hardly any pain at all in my joints! There are still slight nagging areas that will bother me for the rest of my life from injuries, but I can clearly tell in a difference already in my joint health."
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post
    "the pain in my elbows is much more dull then it was a week and a half ago. I felt no overly noticeable pain in my elbows at all and my wrists feel great as well (even after heavy lifting)."
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post
    Day 15: " I am continuing to see less and less joint pain"
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post
    "All in all my knees feel pretty darn healthy (which is something that I don't think I could have said at all prior to logging GenoFlex).
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post
    "My knees felt really good today on leg day and that is something that I would have not said a few weeks ago. They still have some pain inevitably from the years of bodybuilding/military wear and tear but I am VERY pleased so far with the relief that I am getting with GenoFlex. I am definitely not going to want to stop taking this at the end of 4 weeks."
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post
    GenoFlex continues to provide relief that I haven't experienced with other products in the past.
    Quote Originally Posted by bashar View Post
    My joints were hurting to the point that it was effecting my training. Tried so many, animal flex was Ok, but nothing really worked. Just got PES genoflex, this stuff works like magic, pain has disappeared, I can now concentrate on my bench press instead of my joints. Very highly recommended.

    Quote Originally Posted by ahawk01 View Post
    My Genoflex Review..

    First I'm going to start off by saying I figured I was getting the normal week or 5 day supply from PES. This threw me for a loop as I had made a commitment to do something else along same lines. I was able to run Genoflex for 17 days. Before I get into the results I want to give some back story.

    Thanksgiving weekend I was going off those Turkey Day Carb gains, and felt great. Good sleep lots of food does wonders. Deadlift day comes. I decide to go for a pr which for me was 465. Boom it goes up easy. I figure I should hit 4 of 405 to get some reps in to finish off deadlifts. Next thing I know my form breaks down on rep 2. Right as it's above my knee I heard an audible pop like quick fireworks runs through my lower lumbar section. I drop the weight, and go to one knee. World gets fuzy and I can't concentrate to text my wife. I hobble to the bathroom so I don't fallout in middle of gym, hit equipment, and have even more injuries. I make it home. Thankfully my wife is an er nurse and helps me take care of my back. I had limited movement for 3 days. I didn't do anything that compressed my spine at all for 2 months.

    My other issue is my shoulder. In fact, I've had pain in both shoulders though my left one has been more severe. This stems from an injury while I was in the military where they said they could do surgery, but it may or may not help. I said I'll just go with physical torture, and unlimited supply of motrin. Now 12 years later I still have shoulder issues that are pretty consistently. I have tried every joint supplement I could get my hands on. I've noticed those with active ingredients helped the most. I notice the most issue when I do heavy bench. If I go above 185 I would be hurting for weeks.

    I can't tell you what is in genoflex. All I know is I followed per bottle instructions. One thing I really liked is they say take 2 twice a day with your biggest meals and give you enough for a full month. Many joint supplements DO NOT DO THIS. They give you enough for one dose daily. I took them with breakfast and dinner daily. My results while taking this product where great! It's not a wonder product. My shoulder didn't just get completely better after 12 years of issues. What I did notice is my back became more stable, and the pain I was experiencing when I would do squats or deadlifts went away like a distant bad memory. My shoulder is better. I get woke up less in the middle of the night form pain, and I certainly can push my shoulder harder while benching. I started out 185 for reps and can do 245 for reps now.((these are not prs just shoulder was so weak it would not allow me to do them)) The actives in genoflex certainly provide short term and long term relief. I would 100 percent recommend this to anyone needing immediate relief from joint issues.

    Overall 5/5
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    reserved for final reviews.

    Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post
    final review time (2/26/16)

    Alright, so my bottle of GenoFlex ended with my dinner dose last night. I'd first like to thank PES for giving me this opportunity to pre-test this joint product. This all happened at the perfect time as i was in the midst of Mike T's Project Momentum and due to the frequency of the competition lifts (squatting, benching, deadlifting 4x a week plus additional exercises) my joints were taking a beating - specifically my knees and right wrist. Week 2 and week 3 i had to squat to a box on the 4th training day just to help take some of the pain out of my knees. My right wrist is sort of a mystery to me as to when it started hurting like it was. But, i had some pretty severe pain in there and the radius
    was grinding on the bones in the wrist with pretty much any movement. Enter Genoflex.

    I started on Thursday 1/28 and by the time Saturday came i was able to handle doing squats without the box on that 4th week of the project. It had only been 2 days since starting and I already had enough relief to train how I wanted to!! That is amazing for a joint supplement to bring relief (or at least noticeable improvement) that quickly!

    That was really just the tip of the iceburg as my knee pain kept steadily improving and improving the more i was taking GenoFlex. By the end of the second week of consistent use i was completely unhindered by knee pain, both inside and outside the gym. I was able to squat as scheduled (and without pain, most importantly) and was also able to do things that really aggravated my knees (eg: walking down the steps) completely pain free. For my knees, this product literally could not have worked any better than what it did. I should mention that they would ache slightly for a bit after training but after a few hours and after my next GenoFlex dosage, they were 100% good to go.

    The pain in my right wrist didn't completely disappear like the pain in my knees did. I would say it improved 80% in terms of pain though. It also was "grinding" a lot worse with movement prior to starting this supplement so it seems like i may have received some joint lubricating benefits from the product. I went from having to wrap my wrist tightly for pretty much every squat and bench set to not having to wrap until i got up to higher weights if at all.

    Overall, i without a doubt give GenoFlex a 5/5 rating and it is truly a top notch joint support product. I ordered 4 more bottles from the intro sale and have every intention of using them leading up to my next few powerlifting competitions to help with any joint pains that pop up when pre-meet training cranks up. I suggest anyone with joint pains that affects their training or quality of life to give this product a try. Out of the joint products i have tried i have not found one that 1) Worked this fast and 2) Works as consistently for multiple weeks. This will hands down be my joint product going forward and i will (and already have) recommend it to anyone that i feel could benefit from it.

    Once again, huge thanks to PES for giving me this opportunity. Also to PES, great job with GenoFlex, you guys did a damn good job.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomie33240 View Post

    I just took my last two pills of GenoFlex and I am SO THANKFUL that I have a couple more bottles! I can end my review right there I guess...I really could! But I must say more.

    After the first few days I felt my joint pain improve noticeably and I honestly couldn't believe it. I have been doing a 4 day on/1 day off high volume split and my joints feel better now than when I was doing a 4 day per week split! All I can say is that it works and the hype is well deserved. I have had many surgeries that mess with my joint health as well as wear and tear from many other things and my joint pain is something that I have struggled with for the last several years.

    I would be lying to you if I said that GenoFlex was magic and all of your joint issues with disappear (some people's might actually) but for someone with severe joint issues like some of us this is simply not the case. HOWEVER, I truly believe that GenoFlex is the BEST supplement on the market right now to help alleviate joint pain and heal your joints. Short of having surgery, GenoFlex is the best solution to joint pain that I have found.

    CONCLUSION RATING - 5/5 I have to give GenoFlex a full 5 points because it was the best joint supplement I have ever used. I highly encourage everyone who has joint pain to give this a shot immediately! Especially with a low price tag like it has. Long story short, I will DEFINITELY be making this a staple in my every day supplementation (I already have). Great product!

    Thank you again to PES for giving me the opportunity to log GenoFlex and get some much needed relief from joint pain!
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  3. Great to have these all in one place.
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  5. Will be nice once everyone gets a full run in with GenoFlex to give full reviews!

    Things are looking great so far.
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  6. protect the foundation

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  9. Awesome! Any ideas on when this will be released?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by PJLFit View Post
    Awesome! Any ideas on when this will be released?
    I think they said next week.
    Training log:
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    Quote Originally Posted by PJLFit View Post
    Awesome! Any ideas on when this will be released?
    Next week is looking good
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by Driven2lift View Post
    Next week is looking good
    same time as the ingredients?

  13. Best bet is to be on the insider list so then you are the first to know!
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    Reviews Updated,
    Final reviews still ahead but today is the day.

    Remember to be on the Insider:

    You can also use the code "driven" or any associate code to get the Insider pricing.
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  15. Ordered 3! Hopefully this wrist pain will finally go away. Also looks like they ship from Clearwater, FL? That's 2 hours from me, hah!

    PS - I finally get to try PES Snickerdoodle thanks to the free 7 serving tub.
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    Hope you enjoy all that brother!
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  17. Took my first 2 caps today, looking forward to seeing some good results

  18. Looking forward to reviews
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    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  19. I usually feel pain after the treadmill, which I didn't. I also didn't feel any pain walking down the stairs upon waking up, which I usually do and no pain or stiffness when sitting on the commode. The real test for me is on squat day, which I'm looking forward to

  20. Update, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical in the morning and 30 HIIT on the treadmill this evening and didn't feel any pain. Also had a slight pain in my right elbow from tricep work that seems to have disappeared. Squat day will be the will be the true test, this is the first time I'm looking forward to leg day.

  21. No, squats tomorrow, had dental work today and the dentist said no gym for a couple of days
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    Bump, Thread updated.

    If I missed your log for comments or a review of GenoFlex please let me know so I can include it
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  23. Still waiting on my genoflex in transit. This thread has me impatient!
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  24. I have been using it just under 2 weeks and I am definitely noticing some pain reduction from my shoulder impingement. Can't wait to see how I feel at the end of the bottle.


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