Critique Current stack + Future Bulk stack opinions?

  1. Question Critique Current stack + Future Bulk stack opinions?

    I've been cutting since the beginning of June.

    Been running relatively low carbs (Averaging 150g a day), protein around 1-1.25 grams per lb day average (170-230g) and a decent amount of fats. (~60-100g) so in general relatively low calories (1800-2500 daily) as well. I weigh around 165 at 6'0" right now, aiming to try to have my abs show decent before I hit 30 in July.

    At the moment I have been taking:
    Oxyelite Pro original formula - 2-3 a day
    Alpha-T2 New formula - 2 most days occasionally 3
    Fish oil - 3 pills 3 times a day
    Raspberry Ketones - around 300mg a day average
    g.n.c. Multi
    Vitamin D3
    Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM complex
    Pre-workout of choice daily (The last week primarily it has been Enhance p.s. thanks PES for the insider deal)
    Some form of Creatine
    Whey protein

    Just added to current stack in the last week:
    CLA - 2 pills 3 times a day
    Sesamin - 1 pill 3 times a day

    Occasionally when I remember I will take
    Milk Thistle
    Hylauronic Acid
    Turmeric Curcumin
    White Kidney Bean Extract
    before occasional High Carb meal

    In August assuming I have met my goals for my cut and I'm happy where I am at I plan to bulk. (After the majority of summer when I will be seen more in a suit)

    I have received 2 bottles of Erase Pro I plan to take then as well I have 2 bottles of Endosurge Turbo I was planning on stacking with that. I believe that will give me a nice sky rocket in Testosterone, and I should start gaining strength much more rapidly. Opinions on those 2 stacked?

    Will probably aim for around 3500 calories and I'm thinking around 275g protein a day along with upping my carbs.

    I also currently have one bottle of Anabeta, I was wanting to run the first month of the stack and debating picking up a bottle of Anabeta Elite to run the second month.

    I am believing that running the Erase Pro/Endosurge Turbo on the bulk will further increase my strength and muscle gains. As well it should help in combination with the anabeta to help shuttle those nutrients and help prevent excessive fat gain?

    I also have 2 bottles of Shift to incorporate somewhere, I was thinking using one of those after the Alpha-T2 is gone through July to help further the cut.

    Have also been reading a lot of good info about Formeron and was debating getting some of that and trying it somewhere in the mix. However I believe that might be a bit much AI and would kill my estrogen and have test too high to even think about using the same time as the Erase Pro and Endosurge?

    I realize that is a lot to take in, however any advice / critique would be helpful.

    p.s. if you hadn't noticed from my current collection of goods, I am a fan of PES products Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Feel free to go with the combo of Endosurge and Erase Pro to start your bulk if things go well (based on your stack if diet and training is on point I have no doubt it will). The Erase Pro should help transition you from your cut to your bulk quite nicely IMO. The addition of AnaBeta with those two products would top things off very nicely, but I would only add it if you have some experience with the others first (I like to only add things if I already know how other products currently work for myself).

    I would say to slowly increase cals as you transition. No need to quickly jump straight to 3500 cals after your cut. Also increased protein intake is actually more beneficial no a cut, so I would advice additional fats and carbs to help increase your caloric levels once you transition to a bulk.

    Finally I wouldn't add anything else for estrogen on top of Erase Pro. It is top of the line in that regard and anything else added to it would just be waste for that benefit.
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  3. Thanks for the info! I have ran Erase pro before, as well I have ran Erase with DAA. I have ran anabeta before but I believe I tried it on a cut, and without erase. It is my understanding that I believe Anabeta / Elite are products that work better on a bulk due to the nutrient partitioning and the potential for increased hunger?

    I'm thinking the added test boost from the endosurge turbo should be awesome with the Erase Pro, hope my girlfriend is ready for those months! :-D

  4. In that case I would say you would be fine to combine all three if you wanted. AnaBeta and AnaBeta Elite increase hunger in many, but they also have many reports of increased carbohydrate utilization (increased fullness, pump, and muscle gain with less fat gain). A great environment for a bulk.
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  5. I'm hoping for all of those effects! Would you recommend utilizing the Shift perhaps in July after my alpha t-2 is gone prior to my bulk? I'm assuming it wouldn't be much use during a bulk?

    Perhaps I'd try stacking shift with ECA, to try to rapidly shed some more before the big feasting months.

  6. In IMO the shift would and generally is better to stack with your alpha t2 , by itself just not as potent. But if I am understanding your question properly then I would recommend keeping the shift with or for your cutting/recomp cycles and don't add to the bulk ..........IMO if you are bulking then don't do or take anything that might diminish returns reason to have elevated t3 while bulking unless you have other objectives beside straight bulk
    It's good to give the body a break from the aka fat burners

    Enjoy looks to be a good run for you


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