Anabeta and Erase vs Anabeta Elite and Erase Pro

  1. Anabeta and Erase vs Anabeta Elite and Erase Pro

    From a purely strength standpoint, does the Pro and Elite make a difference. There seems to be some talk on other threads that the elite and Pro seem to be more effective in the area of recomp. And by the way guys, you have made some great products, my bench is back over the 400 mark after a two year break and only back training for a few months.

  2. EP gives me better strength gains than just Erase, but can't give personal feedback on the AB v ABE when used in conjunction with Erase.
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  3. I would always opt for the superior versions if you can afford it.

    I am pleased they have helped you with your strength levels already.

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  4. I understand what you are saying but if the additions in the Elite do not help with strength I may opt to run the original at 6-8 per day if that is going to give me the best bang for my buck. The addition of Forskolin may be of benefit to some, but the greatest recomp I know is getting stronger and putting on more muscle.

  5. Erase Pro has always worked better for me as compared to Erase. AnaBeta Elite for me as well, but that one really does seem to depend on the individual and their goals. You might be better off though of course with 4 of the Elite rather than 6-8 of the original.
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