PES Erase stack for cutting

  1. PES Erase stack for cutting

    He guys,

    I got some questions regarding the use of supplements. I have finished 6 weeks of 16 to 20 weeks cut on i slight caloric deficit and seen good improvements using alphamine. After finishing the tube of alphamine I will make a short break but I got some supps on hand. One is PES Erase (original version) and I also got a old box of AI Stoked, some Maca, ZMA, Creatin Monohydrate and OxyElite Pro. I have taken Erase and Erase Pro during cutting and bulking phases with good success and I guess a combo of it with a thermo like OxyElite Pro should help me along my diet and training regiment. Do you think it would be overkill to use all those supps at the same time?

  2. I don't know what AI Stoked is but everything else is fine to combine.
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  3. If you want to combine those I don't foresee a problem. I think Erase and Oxyelite Pro would be a good stack for a cut.

  4. Unless you have a zinc or Magnesium deficiency, the ZMA is all but pointless.

  5. Well if he already has the zma you can throw it in there before bed, you will notice more sound sleep that's about it tho

  6. i love the sleep i get from ZMA. nothing wrong with taking it.
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  7. Should be a fine combo and one that will definitely help with your goals. Good luck with the extended cut.
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  8. Thx for all your replies. I definitely know what I am doing then.


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