How important is "same time every day" dosing? Irregular schedule

  1. How important is "same time every day" dosing? Irregular schedule

    Need some advice. I'm a week and a half into an Erase Pro cycle. I've been off college for the last couple of weeks so I've been able to be fairly regular with it. However, as a typical student my sleep schedule is all over the place during the term, I always eat my breakfast before I head to college and with this year's timetable, one day that could be 8AM while another day it might not be until 12, and that's not counting days after gigs or nights out which are a law unto themselves!

    So what I'm wondering is, since the label says to try and take it at the same time every day and take it with your first meal, which is more important? If I decide to take it with my first meal then it's almost guaranteed to be very irregular in terms of the time of day, whereas the only way I'd be able to guarantee taking it at the same time every day would be to take it in the late evening with my dinner, that way I could take it around 6 or 7 when I'm sure to be having a meal. But I'm sure they suggest taking it with the first meal of the day for a reason.

    Which would be better? Switching it to an evening dose so I could be relatively sure of being able to take it at the same hour each day, or taking it with breakfast and accepting that the actual time of day for that is going to vary quite a lot?

  2. I wouldn't over complicate it and the timing isn't extremely important. There are some benefits that may be seen with pre-workout dosing of Erase Pro but overall just consistently getting that one cap per day in is fine. I often take it first thing upon waking just because that is consistent and then I don't forget (and I still take it that way even if I am not eating shortly after).
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  3. not important bro, dose when u can
    doing my own thang!

  4. One last question: When it says "with a meal", does this mean before or after you actually eat? Will either way affect absorption?

    I ask all these questions purely because I'm exactly two weeks in and I'm not really noticing any sides, no joint pain at all or anything like that. Of course, I'm taking Cod Liver Oil and Glucosamine at the same time as Erase Pro so that could be negating the dry joints issue? My libido does seem to be up a little. I'm going to do the full 8 week course, I'd reckon my estrogen is probably fairly high so it'll probably just take a while to really kick in, I just would hate to be wasting it through some silly little thing like not taking it at the right time or anything like that.

    Right now my basic routine is, breakfast, then four pills: Multivitamin, Cod Liver Oil, Glucosamine, and Erase Pro. This is usually immediately after I've finished breakfast.

    Is this alright or should I be taking EP before my meal instead?

  5. It shouldn't really matter, unless I am mistaken.

    Not everyone will notice the joint pain as a side effect (so if you don't get that just be glad you don't).
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  6. You dont actually have to take it with a meal. We recommend with breakfast because some people need a black and white schedule to follow
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