New Erase Pro not sealed?

  1. New Erase Pro not sealed?

    Just received a couple of EP bottles. One was sealed. The other was not.

    They both had the plastic seal around the lid, but one of the bottles "Sealed for your protection" cap was not sealed to the bottle.
    In fact it looks as if, it's never been on.

    Have you had batches, where the "Sealed for your protection" cap hasn't been sealed properly?

    It came from one of UK's biggest retailers, but would you send it back?

  2. Was it inside the lid?

    Sometimes they come off when you remove the lid.
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  3. Yes, it was. It just looks as if it never stuck to the bottle at all.

    Cotton was in place.
    Checked the contents and it's those delicious blue caps alright..
    Amount checks out too.

    So it's probably just a small anomaly and it came off with the lid.
    Doesn't sound that uncommon..

    Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it

  4. Most likely came off with the lid, consume and enjoy! (=

  5. Sometimes they may not stick, or stick so lightly that they come off with the top. This is more common in smaller bottles like Erase Pro since there is less surface area
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