Just ordered some Erase Pro, couple of questions :D

  1. Just ordered some Erase Pro, couple of questions :D

    Hey, just ordered some Erase Pro which should apparently arrive tomorrow morning (although given the weather at the moment all bets are off!), have a couple of questions before I start.

    First off the basics, I'm 23, currently bulking, never taken steroids or anything like that at all. In the world of supplements, all I take are protein, creatine, Animal Pump (preworkout) and Zinc (used to take ZMA, taking Zinc on its own right now as I found ZMA made me sleep through my alarm too many mornings and miss college!)

    The reason I got interested in Erase Pro to begin with is that I have some gyno left over from puberty. Now before everyone attacks me, it's quite minor, it's the droopy / puffy nips with some gland behind them, more the "ring" type than the solid lump. I realize of course that people will tell me that surgery is the only option and that even if it's not, I need something a lot stronger than just an OTC / natty product to get rid of them, but my reasoning is that going under the knife would knock out my training for a long time, and while I'm going to an endocrinologist about this the waiting list is massive and it's going to be a couple of months. I'm in Ireland where supplements are regulated as if they're class A amphetamines, even Animal Pak was banned here up until a year or two ago, and Erase Pro is one of the very few test/estrogen supps which is available to simply walk into a shop and buy.
    With all this in mind, and based on the many threads I've seen from people who talked about nipple shrinkage as a side effect of Erase and Erase Pro, it's surely worth a shot - definitely the easiest option for me right now.

    Basically what I'm wondering is, let's suppose I see no movement whatsoever on the nips front (don't want to get my hopes up at all). I'm bulking at the moment in a big way so not expecting to see any fat loss either, unless Erase Pro can somehow cause you to lose fat even while on a calorie surplus (I'd be amazed if this was possible but I've heard of weirder things). The only other effect therefore is a generally raised level of free testosterone, as less of it will be being used to make estradiol. So my question is, how does this manifest itself? I know higher testosterone = higher gains, but does this mean I should be able to increase my target weight lifts faster than usual in the gym, or does it lead to quicker recovery between workouts or simply more muscle growth than usual from the same amount of work?

    In other words, a test boost on its own isn't going to increase muscle at all without an accompanying weight lifting intensity, but what I'm basically wondering is does a product like EP *cause* you to be able to increase your intensity in the gym, or does it result in your gains being better from the same amount of work? While taking it, should I be going into the gym with a mentality of "Right now I'm benching 80kg for 3 sets of 8, let's try 85 or 90 today instead even though I only increased the other day"? Or is it more like "Usually I wait three days before doing the same muscle group again, maybe now I could try it every second day and see how that goes?

    Basically just wondering how exactly a higher test level manifests itself and how one can take advantage of it while it's there. I figure even if my main interest is in temporarily trying to alleviate my gyno while waiting for a proper endo appointment, I may as well use the product for all the advantages I can get in the gym and out of it!

    Any advice about all of this would be fantastic, and if I sound like an absolute noob it's because I am, but we all have to start somewhere

  2. Hi and welcome to the board and welcome to the world of PES
    Erase Pro is not something that you will feel in the gym like a pre-workout, but rather is going to help aid in recovery and increases in muscle mass and strength and fat loss as well. It's great for cutting, bulking, and recomp. It will tighten you up so that your muscles feel fuller, but is not going to ramp up your test levels so high that it will cause an issue with your gyno. As for the pre-existing gyno, it's possible that you may see some change, but that depends on quite a lot. Also, you will see increases in the gym and also be able to turn around sooner to hit a body part with less recovery time...so double yes to that question.
    ***PES Representative***

  3. Sounds good! Thanks for the amazingly fast reply btw!
    One other question then about dosing - Is there any particular time of day that's good to take this, and/or should it be taken with, or avoided taken with, anything else like a meal, 5g creatine, etc? I know some supps are very sensitive to whether you mix them with other nutrients, for example I was always told that if zinc is taken within an hour of anything containing calcium, most of it is wasted. Others need to be taken with food or they don't absorb. Anything like that with EP?

    And finally, I'm hitting the gym again tomorrow, off day today - should I take my first cap today or wait until after the gym tomorrow?

    Thanks again for all the info!

  4. No problem

    Erase Pro is pretty versatile, but I would take it first thing in the morning. The suggested dose is with a meal actually, although I take mine right before since that just happens to be my morning routine. As for other interactions with supplements like creatine, you are good there. Just add it to your morning supplement routine and I would also start today, even if today is an off day.
    ***PES Representative***

  5. I like mine pre-workout, but 1 cap upon waking may be the most convenient way. Seems like you got some great answers already though.
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  6. Yeah I'm basically taking it with my first meal of the day along with my multivitamin, cod liver oil and glucosamine which I started (both) yesterday at the same time as EP to counteract any potential joint issues. Hopefully that'll prevent dryness before it has a chance to start
    Might change this though as my sleeping pattern is all over the place at the moment with some late days in college and some early ones, so what time I have breakfast at can vary wildly Maybe having it with dinner would be a better idea since that's usually going to be around 6/7?

    You guys are absolute legends with your lightning replies, most online forums where people representing the actual company answer questions take days to weeks before you hear back from them!

    I have one other question: An aromatase inhibitor is obviously going to prevent some of your testosterone converting into new estrogen, so I imagine the test boost effect happens fairly quickly. However, when you start an AI, you already have a lot of estrogen floating around in your body from conversions that happened before you started the AI. So I'm wondering, how long does it take after starting an AI for the body's existing storage of estrogen to start running low? It just occurred to me that I don't actually know how lone estrogen lasts in the body, so while my production of new estrogen might be knocked out quickly enough, I have no way of knowing how long it takes for existing estrogen supplies to be exhausted, so that the anti-estrogen effects start to be really noticed.

    Anyone got a rough idea of how long that takes? I'm not taking anything else at the moment, no SERM, so there's nothing I can do about any existing high estrogen level except wait for it to run out! I know EP claims to have some potential SERM qualities in one of its other ingredients, but as I understand it those aren't 100% confirmed yet so I'll assume for the moment that I'm getting no SERM effects at all. In those circumstances, how long for estrogen depletion?

  7. I don't have an exact number for you on estrogen clearance time and that is going to change from person to person, depending upon their metabolism but I would guess it is around 12 hours or less. Hopefully somebody that has a more exact number can chime in. Also, Erase won't stop all production, just lower it. But Erase Pro does have properties to work at the receptor as well so just because some estrogen is floating around still, doesn't mean that it will be active
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  8. Definitely keep us up to speed on how things work out for you too!
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