PES Erase (OG) and DAA 4gram stack and dosing question

  1. Thumbs up PES Erase (OG) and DAA 4gram stack and dosing question

    Hey forum,
    I know this has been all over the forum for a long time now and I'm asking the same question, sorry for the redundant question.

    I just started a run of DAA powder at 4g and Erase(2 caps), I take my first cap of Erase at 9am with my PWO and DAA , and my second cap of Erase at 9pm.

    So onto my question: is it ok to take the Erase caps one at 9am and the other one at 9pm? or should it not be spread that far apart from each dose. I have read that its ok one in the morning and one before bed...but have also heard that it should be closer together. So I am looking for a real answer, unless it is ok to dose it either way.

    Thank you forum,


  2. Shouldn't be an issue that way. A ton of people dose 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM, no need to worry about getting the doses closer together.

    I personally just dose all my caps at once when I wake up but that is more due to convenience.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and please post up a review if you can when you finish.
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  3. Alright, thank you very much for your response! I am definitely going to write up a review once my cycle is over


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