Enhanced for the stim sensitive

  1. Enhanced for the stim sensitive

    So first and foremost a huge thank you to josh and the whole pes team for their continued innovation and overall generosity to this community- it is truly appreciated.

    So I received two sample packs of enhance to beta test... Well, I am extremely stim sensitive and prone to anxiety so I generally stay away from all stims(don't even drink coffee or soda). However, I have been doing some experimenting(dabbling in stims and nootropics) lately so I was eager to try this product as I really respect pes and find their products to be top notch. All that being said, here are my findings-

    starting dose- I weighed the packs and determined the serving size to about be 6 grams. Due to my low tolerance I decided to start with just a 1/4 dose(1.5g).

    mixability- mixed in 3 ounces water, powder dissolved rapidly and left no residue or chunks.

    flavor, smell, and appearance- strong, yet pleasant(like kiddie vitamins) scent as soon as mixed in water. I was not told what flavor my samples were but the taste is palatable and has a bit of a grape bubblegum flavor(reminiscent of modern bcaas flavoring). The flavor is not overly sweet and easy to drink. It has a light hue to it- nearly clear in appearance.


    Stimulant/energy/cognition effects- I started to "feel" the product within minutes of ingestion. As I drove to the gym I felt very focused and driven- motivated to get to the weights. It seemed like I had more "energy", yet my heart was not pounding(usually the first thing I feel with any stim use). When I got to the gym I just sat in the car, listening to music, and trying pay close attention to how I was "feeling". The phrase that kept popping in my head was "in the zone". There was an odd combination of feeling super focused yet strangely calm and content.

    strength/pump/thermo effects- I found the pump effect of this product(even at the low dose I used) to be quite profound. I noticed some increased vascularity and what can only be described as increased "skin tightness". I'm fairly lean( around 7% at my last bodpod) and was surprised at the veins and striations in my lats and delts while doing pull downs. I seemed to recover well between sets and on a few occasions actually got more reps at the same weights on later sets. As far as thermo effects go, not much noted. May have been sweating at a slightly increased rate but hard to tell.

    side effects- about 3/4 through my workout I became a bit nauseas and my heart was racing some and started to feel a little anxious. However an extras nite or two of rest and it subsided and went about workout. I felt great the rest of the day- no stomach upset, no comedown, no overstimulation.

    overall thoughts- This product has me intrigued to say the least and may cause me to rethink my stance on stimulant use. The "feeling" this product causes is different from your standard high dose caffeine or dmaa- and much more tolerable and effective(thus far)I will continue to experiment and titrate the dose to find my "sweet spot" without eliciting unwanted effects and will keep notes here. Stay tuned

  2. Thanks for the review, I'm with you on being stim sensitive granted not to your levels. Glad it didn't over due it for you, but smart call playing it safe with 1/4th of a packet.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PrepNwa23 View Post
    Thanks for the review, I'm with you on being stim sensitive granted not to your levels. Glad it didn't over due it for you, but smart call playing it safe with 1/4th of a packet.
    Yeah well josh told me to start with a half pack(what will be one scoop I believe) and figure I'd half that knowing my history. Ill probably work my way up in 500mg increments... Thinking about 3g will be the max for me.

  4. Thanks for the feedback daft,

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