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  1. PES Enhanced Feedback - The people have spoken!

    With our new Pre-workout being released in a few weeks, here is what AM members have to say about it!

    Quote Originally Posted by DJBeanPole View Post
    The answer is YES. PES has done it again. Enhanced will be something that I'm sure a lot of you will consider to be your go-to preworkout... I very much enjoyed it and will be looking forward to its release. Wish I had more right NOW!

    Quote Originally Posted by kbayne View Post
    OVERALL: 10/10
    Would I recommend this to someone? You bet your bottom dollar I would!!! I can't wait to try my second sample tomorrow for Arms day. I may take half a dose just to comment on that also to see how it compares with full dose. We will see though . Enhanced definitely has my attention. I am just wanting to know exactly what the final profile will be because I will have me wondering until that day comes. Energy, focus, pump, and some vascularity is still present for sure. Enhanced will for sure be in my arsenal once it is released, you can count on that 100%.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wocheezy View Post
    It is now 5.5 hours after ingesting Enhanced and I still feel great.. I could go for a run or even hit a different body part if I wanted to.

    Quote Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
    Overall Review - Going into this, I'll be completely honest. I thought that I would like the product, but that it wouldn't be close to anything that I felt like while working out on Craze. That was my normal reaction when I had tried other preworkouts, usually not impressed and would just go back to Craze. However, I think I've found a Craze replacement/alternative which is saying a lot. On 4 hours of sleep, I had an amazing, pump filled workout and I'm still feeling great hours later here at the office. Can't wait to hit up sample 2 tomorrow morning and even more than that, can't wait for the PES insider deal to hit

    Quote Originally Posted by bpclipper10 View Post
    Energy: smooooothhhh!! Not a kick in the ass but it tapers in nicely. Hit me in about 5-10 minutes and started getting a nice energy boost at around 15-20 minute mark. No crash which was nice and energy lasted for a few hours after and faded nicely. Not an abrupt crash. Like this alot.
    Quote Originally Posted by bpclipper10 View Post

    Truly loved this new preworkout and I think PES really hit it on the head with this Enhanced.

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  2. Don't forget my review as well. I see many similarities in my experience compared to others here.. the BIG 3!! Pump, focus and energy!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Pet(e) View Post
    Don't forget my review as well. I see many similarities in my experience compared to others here.. the BIG 3!! Pump, focus and energy!
    Added, thanks Pete!

  4. Here are the Enhanced reviews!
    Quote Originally Posted by bpclipper10 View Post
    Got a shot to try the samples. Gotta send huge thanks to the PES team for the opp to try it.

    Taste: difficult to describe, couldn't make it out of what it was but it was good. Smooth taste, not bitter, a bit sweet. Was not given the flavor so kind of like a berry or fruity flavor. Not bad at all, I'm not one to worry about taste, but it shouldn't deter too many from it.

    Energy: smooooothhhh!! Not a kick in the ass but it tapers in nicely. Hit me in about 5-10 minutes and started getting a nice energy boost at around 15-20 minute mark. No crash which was nice and energy lasted for a few hours after and faded nicely. Not an abrupt crash. Like this alot.

    Pump: this is where it shined for me. I had snakes throughout my shoulders, bi's, and forearms. I'm partial to Purus Labs Condense and the pumps from that, but Enhanced blew it out of the water. The pump was painful at times on my arm day. It was intense but I loved it. Vascularity was intense and proved its effectiveness in this department.

    Mental: also demonstrated its effectiveness here as I had tunnel vision on my lift. Didnt want to leave the gym and kept adding some extra sets/reps to the workout. Really dialed in and didnt get preoccupied at all during the session.

    Truly loved this new preworkout and I think PES really hit it on the head with this Enhanced.
    Quote Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
    First off, a big thank you to everyone over at PES for sending me out samples of their new preworkout Enhanced, aka that's what she said™. It arrived late last night, so I was really excited to put it to the test this morning in a fasted environment. That excitement was soon replaced with "it's 2am and wtf can't I fall asleep syndrome." Needless to say, I had set my alarm clock for 6 am. Four hours later my alarm went off, and I woke out of bed and said oh lawd jesus it's a firrrreeeee. I didn't grab no shoes or nothin' jesus. I ran downstairs, tossed the packet (2 scoops) of Enhanced aka that's what she said™ into about 8 ounces of water. Keep in my mind I felt like a zombie, I was operating on about 4 hours sleep, in essence I'd soon know whether or not the stim effect would be strong enough to not only wake me up, but sustain/power me through a tough conditioning workout. I'll preface this review by saying that up until now, Craze has been my favorite preworkout to date. I have yet to find anything that comes close or in all honesty beat it, that is is my initial review.

    Taste - 8/10 I normally could care less about the taste of supplements. I care about whether or not they work as intended and meet label claims. However, just like Alphamine, Enhanced is pleasant to drink, mixes well and tastes really good.

    Energy - 20/10 I'm a huge stim (primarily before training) junkie. I have tried just about every stim based preworkout that you can think of, Craze being the only one that I fell in love with and consistently use. I've yet to stray, that is until now and needless to say I think I've found a new mistress in Enhanced and may end leaving Craze behind to start a new life with her. The focus aspect of this stuff is just insane. 15 minutes after downing Enhanced aka that's what she said™, I felt alert and the energy began to kick in. It's not a huge jolt upfront with jitters, but a smooth, focused euphoric type feeling that quickly made me feel alert and ready to hit the gym hard. The energy gradually rose throughout my workout, which was nice. Normally after an hour, I can't wait to leave the gym. Today was different in that regard, I wanted to keep pushing myself In lieu of only getting 4 hours of sleep, I had an amazing workout and that is saying a lot. My focus was laser like and my mood upbeat and driven. It's a few hours later and I'm still feeling that way.

    Pump - 20/10 Wow. That basically sums up my review in this category...Wow. I normally don't get the get massive pumps some people rave about, but on this stuff my shoulders/triceps felt like balloons. A couple of hours later and I'm still pumped which is usually never the case with me. When I'm working out, I look like a photo shopped Ryan Reynolds, usually after my workouts I look like Jared from the Subway commercials. Needless to say, I'm still pumped and aesthetically speaking...I love it. Great job here PES.

    Focus/Mood - 100/10 - This aspect to me is what separates Craze from other preworkouts. Enhanced now ranks among the top in this area, and may in fact be the best that I've experienced in this category to date, and that's saying a lot, because I heart Craze like Sweet Brown hearts cold pop.

    Overall Review - Going into this, I'll be completely honest. I thought that I would like the product, but that it wouldn't be close to anything that I felt like while working out on Craze. That was my normal reaction when I had tried other preworkouts, usually not impressed and would just go back to Craze. However, I think I've found a Craze replacement/alternative which is saying a lot. On 4 hours of sleep, I had an amazing, pump filled workout and I'm still feeling great hours later here at the office. Can't wait to hit up sample 2 tomorrow morning and even more than that, can't wait for the PES insider deal to hit soon enough!

    Review number two will up tomorrow. Looks like you did it again PES!
    Quote Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
    It is very strong, in many ways stronger than Craze at two scoops. I worked out back/bi's this morning and at times it was painful, in a good way. The pumps are really pronounced and lasts a few hours post workout. Reminds me of the old days with Mesomorph OG. Thirst was more pronounced today as well on the 2nd sample. I took it around 7am, it's now 3 pm est and I'm still feeling energized. I know a lot of people are wondering about whether or not they can stack this with a product like Versa 1, if you go for the max dose, I wouldn't personally. It's effing off the charts strong at 2 scoops.

    All aspects that I covered yesterday, same today. Energy, focus, and pump were amazing. I think PES hit another home run here. I'll be honest, I preferred another AI over the original Erase, reluctantly I tried Erase Pro and was blown away at how it leaned/dried me out. Now I use it whenever I need an AI. I then tried Alphamine and it turned out to be the best fat burner on the market to date in my opinion. I gained 4lbs in a month on Anabeta. These guys just make sh*t that works and Enhanced is no different in that regard. Looking forward to the insider release, so I can get my hands on a few tubs. Thanks again to everyone at PES for sending over samples.
    Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Let me start by telling you all what I look for in a preworkout.

    Mainly I am looking for a surge of energy.
    Not cracked out energy. But I need that feeling to come over me that says "I need to crush something!" I guess you could say a mix between smooth energy and a euphoric feeling.

    Next I am looking for vascularity. When I see my veins bulging out of my arms I know something is happening.

    Lastly I am looking for a muscle pump. Everyone enjoys the feeling. I know I do. It's not MANDATORY for me but it is fun, and I know that pumped muscles are a great environment for muscle growth.

    So like I do with any preworkout, I test a serving on chest and triceps day, and a serving on back and biceps day.

    Mixed great in 8 oz of water with no residue and did not taste bad, which if this is the final formula with natural flavoring, that is awesome!

    About 20 minutes after consumption I observed a mild caffeine buzz and decided to make my short drive to the gym.
    Ten minutes later I did feel a bit euphoric. Nothing crazy.
    The energy was enough to get me through an hour at the gym both days without crashing, but it was not overkill.
    I actually noticed about an hour and even two hours after the gym my hands were shaky while doing normal tasks. I'm assuming one of the other stimulants had something to do with this.
    It wasn't jittery, I just could tell it was still there. I would need to try this out more often to come to a conclusion on that.

    Both samples had a great effect on vascularity for me. When I got to the gym and took my jacket off, the veins in my forearms were very pronounced and my brachial veins were also very noticeable.
    With just a couple warm-up sets my veins became even more pronounced. More so on back and bicep day than chest and triceps.
    The veins in my front delts became more visible throughout my workouts and I even noticed some veins in my lower abs which is rare for me.

    Now onto the pump!
    I started out with a warm-up set of seated cable rows on back day and my biceps were already feeling a nice pump. By the end of my workout the pump was so strong it was actually a bit painful.
    On chest day the pump wasn't as strong feeling but my triceps and chest were noticeably swollen half way through. I couldn't stop flexing!

    Thanks a bunch for the samples, and I look forward to getting to rip through an entire tub to experiment more.
    And Natty if you feel like sending me anything else down the road tell the shipping guy that MI is Michigan and not Minnesota lol! :-)
    Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    I'm sorry that the last part of the review title is in fact false. However, now that you're here, let's commence.

    Josh sent me two samples of Ehanced to try out and I used the first of them, yesterday.

    I mixed up one bag with about the average amount of water I'd put in a shaker cup for pre-workout (which when I measured it afterward turned out to be 15 oz.). I normally slam my pre-workouts (and everything else aside from intras, to be honest), but because taste was something they wanted me to judge, I took a sip to start. What I tasted wasn't bad, but I was unaware of what flavor the product was supposed to be. Whatever I drank tasted like bad iced tea or perhaps pomegranate. Here's the thing, I don't like tea (save for green tea with citrus; think Lipton), whatsoever (and I loathe pomegranate). But it did taste pretty well like tea, so I thought the flavoring was on point for what they were going for, but obviously I wasn't a fan of it.

    Well, I talked with Ben a bit and then e-mailed Josh this morning and he told me that blue raspberry was the flavor of the sample -- definitely didn't get that lol. He also said that as water volume is increased, the flavoring dissipates to give way to ingredients being tasted. I've never had that happen before (e.g. If I take blue raspberry Focus XT, it tastes very concentrated in a bit of water, but still tastes the same, just less potent, in a full shaker cup). But Josh recommended 6-8 oz. of water for the optimal flavoring. The second dose will be done with 6 oz. of water and I'll judge taste again and follow up with my feedback.

    Okay, now onto the effects and the workout.

    I follow a 3-week, 5-day/week split that follows a pattern of ABAC-repeat. Yesterday's workout was delts/traps and was part of what I call my high intensity session (60 seconds of rest between sets of 4x12 and only as much rest between exercises as it takes to set up that station; usually about 2 min.). The workout was as follows:

    Seated DB Shoulder Press: 60's x 12 (x4)
    DB Side Lateral Raises: 65's x 12 (x4)
    Seated Rear Delt DB Side Lateral Raises: 65's x 12 (x4)
    Solo Reverse Cable Ring Flys: 55 x 12 (x4)
    Barbell Shrugs (bar in front/overhand grip): 315 x 12 (x4)

    It was a very good session for me.

    Initially, after dosing, I didn't feel anything noticeable (e.g. if I take 4g beta alanine, I feel the tingle within minutes or if I used to take in caffeine and ephedrine, I'd start to sweat and feel a surge of energy near instantly). For years, now, I haven't "felt" the kick-in/pick-me-up of stimulants. I'll address this more in a bit.

    After I was about mid-way through with my DB side laterals, I noticed a delt pump lol. It's not the same as a bicep or quad pump, but I could tell that it was more pumped than what I normally experience due to the lactic acid build-up at the muscle site.

    About 10 minutes into my workout (which was about 25 minutes or so after dosing), I felt some stomach discomfort. I was really worried that this was going to cause me to get uneasy and potentially lead to diarrhea. Luckily, that was not the case and it did subside after another couple minutes (diet was standard for the day, so it wasn't from there; was either a fluke or just something that showed up briefly, but didn't cause any problems).

    My normal pre-workout concoction is:

    - 1 scoop Focus XT (200mg caffeine)
    - 7g citrulline malate
    - 4g beta alanine
    - 2g LCLT

    and then right before walking out the door (about 5-10 minutes after dosing the above):

    - small amount of BCAAs (been using 2 scoops of OG Xtend, lately, since I have it)

    So, whatever was in PES's product and what I used certainly competed with my own concoction quite well.

    I've sort of found myself at a point where I don't "chase" the new pre-workout fix, anymore. There was a time when I was always trying to find the next gold-standard product. That had to do with pump, but was more due to energy and what I "felt" from the product. I've taken numerous breaks from all stimulants (e.g. 5 months with zero) and nothing seemed to help with sensitivity or what I felt after I reached whatever point I'd reached.

    So, with that said, I've relied on science and information to do everything since coming to that realization; hence my normal concoction which is well studied and proven.

    Well, it didn't strike me until about 11 or so, last night, but something in Enhanced worked differently or more effective than anything I've had in some time.

    I never felt the "kick-in" of the product, but what I noticed was that 7 hours after dosing, I was very alert, with a clear mind, and wasn't in the slightest bit tired (or hungry, but that may just be my own weird issues with virtually no appetite at any time). That was about the time I'd get ready to head up for bed, read a bit, and go to sleep. But I thought to myself, "I'm not going up there just to lie in bed and roll around for hours; I'll just watch more TV." I was watching episodes of Elementary (which I've just started watching, but am already almost caught up on and quite enjoy) and managed to watch 2 more episodes past when I normally would have turned the TV off to start my pre-bed routine. I went up to bed and then read (and played a few games on the ipad) for quite a while longer than I normally would've. I just wasn't tired. If I'm alone and not tired, I normally just put an episode of The Office (because I've seen every episode at least 3 times) on and lie the ipad against a pillow on the other side of the bed and drift off to that. It was just shy of 2 AM before I decided to get to that point, last night. Instead of my usual choice, I actually loaded up Layne Norton's latest vlog, which was 20 minutes. I ended up nodding off within the last couple minutes of it.

    I ended up with 10 hours of clean, solid energy from Enhanced.

    I'm not one who is stim-sensitive (I was popping 200mg caffeine caps like candy on a drive home from St. Louis and didn't feel a thing; nearly fell asleep at the wheel). However, I will be using my second sample of Enhanced for a morning workout just to ensure that doesn't happen to me again lol.

    I woke up this morning and felt very good; well-rested and awake. I still hit snooze twice so I could enjoy the feeling of lying in bed a while longer, but it wasn't because I was groggy and tired. I ended up with 6.5 hours of sleep or so, which isn't bad, but I'm normally cautious enough that I get near 8 on a nightly basis.

    So, my overall take on Enhanced after 1 dose is that it's a pretty awesome/intriguing product. I'll likely try to dose it on a day where I can better judge pumps (arms, chest, or back) to see what I can decipher between it and my 7g of citrulline malate. The taste was wretched in 15 oz. of water lol, so I'm hopeful that it tastes good in 6 oz. The bottom line is, I'd use it regardless of taste because I want products that work and I slam pre-workouts, anyway, but I trust PES's taste enough to know they wouldn't sell what I drank lol. The energy that stayed after with no feeling of a crash was great.

    I'll update more and make some more final judgments after my second dose.

    PEScience Representative

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Legacykid View Post
    So I only had one sample so far.. Mind you I have read no other reviews on this product so what you see is what I am personally feeling.

    Mix-ability -was perfect in 8oz no sandy feeling.

    Taste - I used 9oz and it tasted like raspberry mixed with something but not to overpowering which is awesome.

    Stim-honesty it didnt hit like a caffeinated product does. it was a smooth surge of energy that lasted, I felt my muscles fatigued but felt like I could have kept going. Next time im going to hit a workout then box after see how long I last. I consider myself a stim sensitive person, rarely take a preworkout ,never had coffee. Ive used no xplode back in 06 when I felt the product had a pair. Last year ive been using maniac here n there I feel real focused no stim feeling from the product. I think this product is a step above that in terms of focus and the stim didnt get me to hyper and zero crash. It was near perfect for me looking at overall function of the product.

    Pump-I didnt notice a pump because I naturally fill up always. But on a back bis day someone said my chest was looking huge.

    Vascularity- I didn't notice my veins because they are always out in my forearms but when I got home I noticed my shoulders had crazy veins looked like a tree and also one above my elbow into the triceps.

    Day two -

    Stim- its such a refreshing feeling, worked all morning hit the gym in afternoon, and as soon as i tasted this stuff it woke me up, about 40 mins later while i was foam rolling i started to feel it. a nice smooth rush of energy. After my workout i boxed for about 30 mins and could have kept going if not for a client i had. I even had my client ask me while i was so hyped up. I did have slightly shaky hands today, but again no crash.

    hit chest tris and core

    Vascularity -When I got home 6 hours later and took my shirt off I noticed the viens in my shoulders again, but this time there were going into my chest, which I have never seen on any product. Not to mentioned im not as lean now as I was prior.

    Pump- today was major my tris were ridiculous.

    Taste/ Mixability- This stuff tasted amazing, I would use it solely because of the taste. I used 9 oz again and mixes perfect and tastes amazing ( yeah so good I say it twice)

    I have one more sample and using tomorrow for leg day and im excited to see what it will be like!!

    Im also going to use my HR monitor and see if it effects anything.

    Will get back to you all tm night.

    You guys will not be unhappy in any regard with this product, and I cant wait to see whats in the product.

    PES thanks for the opportunity, you have something truly amazing here! I had a few other trainers today ask me what I took because of how focused I was, and they said when I get the product in they want to give it a shot too!
    Quote Originally Posted by srgraham69 View Post
    I need to start by thanking Josh and the PES team for the opportunity to give my opinion on their new pre-workout supplement Enhance. I received 2 sample packets last night with no information at all on the product, no profile, no flavor, absolutely zilch. So of course I went to bed pretty excited about giving this a go today!

    Taste: like I said I was giving no info on this product, not even the flavor, and the product still contained no coloring so that
    left me clueless. Nevertheless I didn't hesitate to mix this up in my shaker with about 8 oz of water. On my initial taste I thought it to be a watermelon flavor, but the drinks after that seemed to be more of a blue raspberry flavor. It was initially sweet and then had a slightly sour aftertaste, but was definately great tasting and very easy to drink. The only problem I notice was it did leave a quite a bit of foamy residue in my shaker afterwards, which I filled back with water at the gym and after drinking that still noticed a bit of foam hanging out in my cup so ended up rinsing it out lol.

    Energy: I was warned that this stuff was strong, but didn't really expect it to be quite as strong as it actually seemed to hit me. I drank it about 15-20 mins before I started my first lift, it really hit me about 10-15 more mins after that, and it hit hard! It left me a bit spaced out and disconnected feeling for about 15 mins, but after that I felt great. Overall I ended up having a great workout and intensity was definitely there. Afterwards I still felt good and never had any feelings of crashing. I'm not usually very sensitive to stims but this stuff hit me like a truck, so I think I should have started out with this at half a packet, which is probably what I am going to do with my second sample pack. Either that or wait about 45 mins before starting my workout, which was when I starting feeling really good.

    Pump: this is where enhanced really shined for me. The pumps were intense, for me this was similar to 1000mg agmatine, which is what I normally take with my pre-wo supps. Luckily I left it out today as I wanted to run this solo, otherwise I may have popped lol. I was doing a fully body 3x15 routine today so the high reps were really bringing some pain with the pumps. Some people may be a bit turned off by this, but I love me some painful pumps!

    Overall: Enhanced is another great addition to the PES lineup and I don't think anyone will be disappointed in this long awaited pre workout. Just be advised it is very potent and may knock you on your ass while you figure out the dosing that is best for you. Enhanced provided me with a better pump than I have gotten from any other pre workout supplement being used solo. If you are a junkie for the pump then you will definately be wanting to add enhanced to your arsenal. I already know I will be switching my pre to Enhanced and will probably be able to drop buying agmatine products, as this seemed to cover that aspect quite well. This was just my initial review on a single sample of Enhanced, I still have 1 more packet to put to use so I will be back to provide a bit more thought and input after that as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by kbayne View Post
    Would like to thank Josh and PES for letting me sample their new pre-workout that is about to blow up the market. I received two samples.

    Today's Workout:

    So I waited until today to try my first PES Enhanced Preworkout sample. I used a full dose of one of the samples.

    (for some reason my attachment will not open, so if you want to see the pictures just copy and past the link into your browser )

    So I mixed Enhanced with about 8oz of water. It mixed very well. I have had many different pre-workouts before and Enhanced is the only one that had so much foam. So this tells me there is something in there that I may not have had before in a pre-workout (Awesome)

    The taste was somewhat of a Raspberry flavor I do believe. The taste was truly excellent and it went down very smoothly. I didn't chug this because I wanted to examine the taste as best as I could. No nasty after taste or anything once it was gone. Only deliciousness.

    I took my PES Enhanced as a stand alone. I didn't add any other goodies or anything so I could give a full and honest review. I took it on an empty stomach around 3:00pm today and I could feel it kick in around 3:15pm. By this time I was on my bike heading to the gym. I has been snowing all day so the bike ride was fun to the gym.


    ENERGY: 10/10
    Like I said I could feel it kick in within 15 minutes. The energy I got from Enhanced was the best I have had from a pre-workout. I honestly could have only took half a dose and still would have been more then good to go. I got to the gym and I was ready to get the workout started. Not sure what is in this pre-workout but whatever it is, PES did it right. It's been a little over 2 hours and I am still very energized. This is comparable to Alphamine IMO.. energy wise. Another great thing about Enhanced was no crash at all that I can tell. As I approached the end of my workout, I felt like I could keep going for another hour or more. Every set and rep was intense and I very focused in on what I was trying to accomplish. Another part of the energy perspective was my body temp. I was pretty hot and sweating pretty good. Energy kept my rest periods short so the intensity was up the whole time, which obviously would lead to more sweating and heat.

    FOCUS: 10/10
    Enhanced has something in it for focus. As I got to the gym, my focus was starting to kick in. Tunnel vision is what I am trying to say. The gym was pretty packed and honestly nothing was bugging me at all. All I could focus on was the weight and my next set. I've noticed focus from other pre workouts but not like this.

    PUMP: 10/10
    I lifted back today just so everyone knows. Once I get the blood flowing my back is usually pumped up pretty good. After my first exercise (lat pulldown) my back was more pumped then usual. The pump was definitely noticeable. I've taken Agmatine and Citrulline Malate with pre workout for a while (off right now) and the pump may have been a little better then that combo, so that must tell you something... for those who have taken that combo pre workout. One thing that I love when working out is the pump I get. This is something I look for in a pre-workout all the time.

    Right now I am bulking, and since I've been off ABE + EP my vascularity has gone down quite a bit. Even though this is true, I could still notice myself being more vascular then I have been since being off that combo. Veins in forearms were popping pretty good and my more noticeable veins in biceps were trying to peak out . As I type this I can still tell some vascularity in my arms. Would love to see how vascular I could get once I am cutting up with Enhanced. I have never taken nitrates before, so possibly some nitrates in Enhanced for the pump and vascularity.

    OVERALL: 10/10
    Would I recommend this to someone? You bet your bottom dollar I would!!! I can't wait to try my second sample tomorrow for Arms day. I may take half a dose just to comment on that also to see how it compares with full dose. We will see though . Enhanced definitely has my attention. I am just wanting to know exactly what the final profile will be because I will have me wondering until that day comes. Energy, focus, pump, and some vascularity is still present for sure. Enhanced will for sure be in my arsenal once it is released, you can count on that 100%.

    Once I get done with my workout tomorrow, I will come back in and add what I noticed and give a short review on everything stated above. Will also comment on how long the energy, pump, focus, and vascularity lasted from today's sample.

    Over and Out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wocheezy View Post
    Alright... wow. Gotta admit I was not expecting too much in the stim department as I have a fairly ridiculous stim tolerance (To the point where I can handle 25mg Ephedrine with 2 scoops of Alphamine), but I was impressed to say the least. Here are my thoughts after my first serving of Enhanced:

    Stimulants / Energy
    Felt this come on quick even though I had 3 eggs and some toast about an hour before I drank it. Smooth feeling in general, but I was cranking out more reps while squatting than I am used to so my heart got pumping pretty quick - not uncomfortable but noticeable. Energy was great throughout the entire workout, and I was in the gym longer than I usually am because I didn't want to skip on some of the exercises I usually do. 250mg of caffeine won't do much to me these days but there is something additional in here that really got me going, and I loved it.

    It is now 5.5 hours after ingesting Enhanced and I still feel great.. I could go for a run or even hit a different body part if I wanted to.

    Pump / Vascularity:
    I started my workout with some leg curls because I like to get a slight pump in my hamstrings before I start my squats. This ended up being a good pump gauge because after squats and single-leg leg press I returned to the seated leg curl machine to perform some high weighted reps. I sat down and immediately realized that my legs had blown up because when I brought down the guard that sits on my quads it ended up being two notches higher than I originally used. I had sub-optimal water intake today which usually kills the pump I get in the gym but today this was not the case. Vascularity is a little bit harder for me to comment on. I am in the middle of my winter bulk and I am holding a little more fat than I'm used to so I didn't notice much today. I will be lifting chest and shoulders this weekend or Monday and that will be a much better indicator for vascularity.

    Focus / Motivation:
    Tunnel vision. As soon as I got to my gym I noticed a very pronounced increase in focus, and I was excited to hit squats. I haven't lifted legs in over a week and my legs were still sore from my previous session, but this inconvenience seemed to dissipate as the Enhanced continued to kick in. When I first arrived all 6 of the squat racks were taken and I was pretty annoyed since a third of them were filled with people who had no business being there (you know the type). I was consistently striving for the extra rep and seemed to disregard any pain that followed.

    Taste / Mixability:
    Not a whole lot to say here.. it tastes great and mixes flawlessly. I can't exactly describe a specific flavor, but it was slightly tart and tasted good. Drinking Enhanced will definitely not be a problem.

    This was one of the aspects that I think I appreciated the most. I was performing more reps, and ended up in the gym longer than usual. This effect became more and more apparent throughout the entire workout. No standing around, short rest intervals (around 30-45 seconds), and no fatigue to be seen. Again - my favorite aspect of Enhanced so far.

    Just a few other notes that I thought I would touch on:

    No impact on libido or 'performance'. I went to my girlfriends after the gym and had no issues - which has been an issue with prelifts before (Primarily DMAA based products).

    Appetite was definitely affected, but after the gym I headed straight to my campus cafeteria and destroyed 3 plates of spaghetti and meatballs, and 6 breadsticks with no problem. I didn't feel like eating but I knew I should and it wasn't a chore.

    Sleep: cant say anything about this yet but although I feel energetic its not a cracked out feeling, and I don't think that sleeping will be impaired. I'll touch more on this tomorrow. I took my Enhanced around 5:45 and I will be getting into bed around 12. We'll see how that goes.

    I really think PES has done it again... I wish I had a full tub already haha. If anyone has any questions about my first experience feel free to ask but I think I did a fairly good job of summing everything up.

    *Sidenote* I just looked up at how much I wrote and laughed a little... definitely still energetic and focused.
    PEScience Representative

  6. Quote Originally Posted by darsh89 View Post
    Tried the first sample today. Im blown away, this stuff is intense. I think PES has a winner here.

    Taste: adequate. Nothing amazing but it mixes well and goes down easy. Im not really sure what the flavor is. People who think great taste is a priority will want a little more. Its not bad by any means but it doesnt seem to have a true distinguishable flavor. 7/10

    Pump: impressive pump from such a small serving. I like it alot. Upper body got full and pumped with blood during just a simple warmup. It was not skin splitting which is good because that can be restrictive. 9/10

    Vascularity: off the charts! Saw some shoulder, trap and lat veins i havent noticed before. Circulation was great because my heart rate and bp were fairly stable, recovered well between sets. Roadmap forearms. 10/10

    Strength: rarely do i powerlift but i cranked out extra reps on virtually every set. Had an intense desire to smash things. 9/10

    Focus: in the zone. Tunnel vision. Could use this for exams as well. 10/10

    Thermogenic: felt lots of heat. Sweated easy but never breathed hard. 9/10

    Energy: it sneaks up on u. Never felt over the top. Just good clean intense energy. Im a stim guy so i was very happy. 9.5/10

    Crash: 2 and a half hours post workout I still felt the effects, not excessively, but i still felt enhanced. the come down was nice and easy, i did not notice an actual crash. 10/10

    Stim Dick: there was a little bit of stim dick. Nothing bad, but i guess this comes with any stims. It went away an hour after working out.

    Feel: In the same way that DS craze had a different feel than most pre workouts, enhanced is definitely different. The feel is brand new. The best I can say is its kind of like a slightly more mild DMAA without the vasoconstriction or crash combined with the alertness, focus and euphoria of amphetamine. 10/10

    Will post an update tomorrow after I try my second sample
    Quote Originally Posted by darsh89 View Post
    As a follow up from the second sample ill say im even morw impressed. Went heavy for fun and i was able to slam the weights big time. Drive, focus, and aggression were through the roof nonstop for the 90 minute workout. Thats longer than my normal session but i kept feelin it so i just kept goin.
    Quote Originally Posted by ToeRock View Post
    First i would just like to thank Josh and the rest of the PES team for the opportunity to sample and review ENHANCED. I got my samples, and was so eager to try them out, but i wanted to make sure i was going to be able to do the (2) samples i received in 2 days. Ok, enough of my chatter let's get down to business.

    Taste: I can tell right away just from the smell, this is raspberry. I as usual, decided to mix mine with (1)16.9oz bottle of water. The taste was nothing less than what we have come to expect from PES. The flavor was easy to get down, not medicinal at all. I tend to use alot of water compared to most because, i'm not a sweet flavor guy. Even using more than your typical amount of water, the sweet and tang were both there. I truly enjoyed it. A product i can take every day without being sick of the flavor.

    Mixability: No problems here. I dont know what PES will be recommending the water to product volume will be but, using my small bottle of water i had zero problems getting it to mix, and had no graininess.

    Energy: Well, i'm not sure how to even describe this, but i'll give it my best. I took my samples on an empty stomach, like i do with every pre-workout i have tried, so i have a fair assessment, and comparability to those others i have taken. I chose they typical 30-60 minute window before training. Within 10 minutes....BAM! I was overtaken. I mean that in a good way. I felt a little warm, a crazy focused feeling, and a perfect amount of energy. My heart wasn't pounding but for sure it was full of energy, like the rest of me. This was a beautiful feeling. I was ready to rip into the weights 10 minutes after taking ENHANCED. NICE! I didnt get any shakes or tingling which (for me) is a good thing. I'm not into the shakes nor the tingling. They both to me are unnecessary and a little scary. Real nice buzzy feeling throughout my workout and about 3-4hrs after. Not once did i feel dizzy or over stimulated. Just this focus, and i can actually feel that my pupils were pinned. Is this cocaine in a bottle? Perhaps

    Pump: There is definitely a pump blend of some sort in here. (i don't have an ingredient profile, as this is a beta) I got a great pump going after my 2nd set on both days. It came on mid-set and my muscles felt juiced. Gotta love the pump. I was for sure swollen, and i was happy. Very nice. The pump actually lasted for most of the rest of my day.

    Vascularity: Here being a bigger guy with a little too much weight on, is my problem. My veins kind of hide on me under my extra fat. I can get some of them to come see me while being in a bulk stage, but it's rare for the most part i get any good ones. Well, ENHANCED certainly enhanced that. I was rather surprised. I'm not going to lie and tell you i became a vascular freak from 2 doses. That certainly did not happen. But on arms day i did notice 2 of my big boys right below and onto my bicep were in fact, more visible, and looked slightly fuller.

    Overall: Overall i can without naming other brands and products, say i can toss them. I have been using the grape flavored one for a while now, and PES just found a way for me to lose that obnoxious flavored pw. This ENHANCED, certainly will be the next big thing on the market. From the flavor to the feeling it gave was a top notch experience. I cannot wait to see this on the market and enjoy it for a long time. I certainly appreciate the chance i got to sample this, and i was not let down by PES at all. A-1 product.
    Quote Originally Posted by JM1437 View Post
    Ok guys first I just wanna thank PES for giving me a sneak peek at their new Pre workout product Enhanced. Now I got 2 samples and took the first of the two earlier today about 30 mins before hitting the gym. I can tell you that there isnt any beta alanine in it because I didnt get any tingles but that seems to be the case with the latest ones coming out on the market and theres really nothing to be upset about because it doesnt need it. If your butt hurt over it then just add some BA powder to it yourself haha.

    First thing I noticed was that it hit me almost instantly. After literally 2 minutes I felt it slap me right in the face. A huge rush came over me and I was ready to toss around some weight. Another thing I noticed was the significant pump I got from it which leads me to believe there has to be a quality form of agmatine in it or at least thats what Im thinking. Lastly, although it hit me hard when I first dosed it I wasnt going nuts or freaking out but it just gave me solid energy through the end of my workout where I was still shaking from the effects while I was walking out of the gym. Ridiculousness in a tub.

    If anyone else got samples chime in on this. Im curious as to what you think as well as the reps etc.

    Shout out to natty for giving me the idea. Thanks bro.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    This was the result:

    I was struggling to get this for a single in July and easily tripled it today and probably had another 1-2 in the tank. It has some nice kick to it. Granted, this is only limited feedback from one serving, but there wasn't a crash 3 hours later outside of my usual lull that I get after deadlifts.
    Quote Originally Posted by DJBeanPole View Post
    Big thanks to Josh and all of the PES team for allowing me the opportunity to test out their up and coming preworkout: Enhanced. I'm hoping this review will give others an insight in to what they are in store for when they pick up a tub to try for themselves (and you'll what to do this... trust me!)

    Prepare yourselves for a wall of text! There is a TL;DR at the bottom for those of you wanting the quick and dirty.


    For all of you on AM that know me, one of my fortes has definitely been the preworkout. I've have tried countless ones before and I'm always willing to try the next best thing... and PES may have stumbled upon just exactly that. Previous preworkouts (so you know what I am basing Enhanced to) include, but are not limited to: NO-Xplod, Animal Rage, Animal Pump, NO-Xplod v2.0, Maximize v2, Maximize Intense (1,3D), Hemavol, SpeedX3, Origin, 1MR, C4, Ignite, (and so many little samples from last years Arnold Classic that I can't even keep track)...

    Upon inspection of the initial sample baggie I was surprised at how small the amount of what I'm assuming is 2 servings will be. If PES can pack in the same amount of Enhanced powder into a bottle that is roughly the same size of Alphamine then I think we can look forward to quite a few servings prior to running out of this what will surely become a coveted preworkout for many.


    The Enhanced preworkout samples I was given were uncolored... so have no fear to those of you out there that enjoy watching the water in their shaker cups turn interesting colors of oranges, pinks, and purples. I'm sure PES will have this hammered out for the release... but I wasn't concerned with the color! As soon as the Enhanced hit the top of the water it immediately sank and began to dissipate as it made its approach towards the bottom of my shaker cup. A quick 15 second vigorous shake sent the preworkout particles swimming and swirling while leaving a thick layer of fluffy bubbles at the top. This wasn't anything new to me... some preworkouts mix immediately while others like to foam up and then dissipate. I tied my shoes, and then grabbed the shaker bottle and continued shaking for another 30 seconds. After this was done the preworkout had dissolved itself into the water completely, leaving me with a homogenuous mix of slightly orange. Popped the top of my lid... and the good times were about to roll.


    15 seconds after shaking

    The flavor let me know that I was in for a treat. I didn't want to pound this beverage down because it just tasted so good! Being the first time associating myself with Enhanced I wanted to get all the tastes out of it like a fine wine and I mixed my first sample packet with 16oz of water... initially there was a fruity flavor. No blandless or chalkiness. It went down smooth and enjoyable. It was not too sweet and was very pleasing to the palette. There was a slight raspberry tang to it that went away after I swallowed it down... and there was a very nice and surprising aftertaste to it... very sweet that lingered for awhile after I downed the whole bottle. This was easily one of the most tasteful preworkouts I've ever had the pleasure of sampling. This will be one of those preworkouts that you will look forward to taking just as much as you look forward to getting into the gym and getting your workout on. The second sample packet I took with only 10oz. of water and I think this amount is really what let the flavor shine. It had a little tartness too it but it wasn't overbearing. The raspberry flavors definitely came through more with less water and again left a sweet aftertaste in my mouth. The only thing I can think of that compares to this delicious flavor would be one of those blue SweetTarts but with just a little less tanginess to it. The flavor was spot on. Not intense enough to make you shudder at drinking it but not too sweet to make you want to water it down. Bullseye.

    Hardly any sedimentation after shaking... blends completely after another round of shaking


    One of my precursors to knowing that preworkout has kicked in is waiting to feel out the good ol' beta alanine tingles (parasthesia). These did not kick in which leads me to believe that they are no a part of this preworkout which is beneficial for those of us that either 1) don't take BA (at all or with preworkouts) and 2) don't like the BA tingles. The first thing I noticed with this preworkout was a mixture of things. The focus and energy came on first, and very slowly. It wasn't a sudden huge burst of energy that made me want to go insane and throw plates around without care for those around me. It was a much more gradual energy buildup that slowly built up upon itself. The further into the workout I got the more energy I seemed to attain. This was completely different than anything I've experienced before. The energy was smooth and even. No heart palpitations, increased work of breathing, flushing, or raise in body temperature. The further I pushed myself the more energy stores I seemed to unlock. Most of us will start to tire out towards the end of our workouts, or make excuses for not wanting to pump out those extra reps or do those finisher exercises. Enhanced had me WANTING to STAY in the gym. It was like the iron suddenly became an addiction. I had to feed that addiction by constantly keeping myself in motion. I had to lift more. I had to do another exercise. More sets. And a rep. You call that going to failure? Push harder. Squeeze that out. MOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR! So the energy is huge. During straight bar bicep curls I managed to crank out 80 for sets of 8,8 and 12... the last time I did straight bar curls I could only do 70 for one set of 8! Its defintely more than just a caffeine burst and its much cleaner and it just keeps GOING. Enhanced will turn you into a freaking Energizer bunny in the gym and the only reason why I even left the gym was because my wife had to drag me out of there. I found myself pushing out more reps of heavier weight with more ease, and I required considerably less rest between sets. The only thing I could think about was to just keep going and working out.

    Enhanced will turn you into THIS!

    And what about the focus? Imagine yourself sitting on a flat bench with a mirror in front of you. You have a hoodie on and the hoodie is up draped over your head. So you've blocked vision to your left and your right. When you look up into the mirror the only thing you can see is yourself and the weights. And all you want to do is DESTROY... EVERYTHING. The focus was extremely intense and, like the energy levels, slowly built itself up during my whole workout. Every single repetition had me talking to myself in my head to squeeze, stretch, push, go, go, go... its your own mental personal trainer.

    I was told initially on receiving this samples that Enhanced was a pump product, and those are my favorites. I could take agmatine all day every day so I was interested to see how I would feel. Usually pumps don't come on for me until I'm deep into my workout and my muscles are screaming at me to give up. I was warming up doing some forearm exercises and when I was into my second set of wrist curls my forearms became stiff as boards. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't even technically IN to my workout yet! This effect transferred itself into the rest of my workout and reminded me of agmatine/nitrate pumps. I did some DB shoulder shrugs today with 100lb DBs and usually I'll get a pump that subsides a little later after I've moved on to another body part but Enhanced had my traps HURTING they were so pumped and they remained that way throught the rest of my workout. The best part about this though was how well this feeling stuck with me HOURS afterwards.

    Vascularity: Noticeable. I have the usual veins that like to protrude out just from working out in general but Enhanced brought out some of the deeper veins that I don't see very often. The rise in vascularity coupled with the pump effect leaves one feeling very engorged and full. Like the pump factor, the vascularity lasted long after the workout was already done. It wasn't as noticeable as it was during time spent in the gym, but I did notice at work that some of the smaller, more superficial veins were still hanging around and in some places along my upper arms that I hadn't seen before.

    Things to note: Most of the time when I'm in the middle of a workout in between set I'll find myself running over to the water fountain or taking a drink of whatever I've brought with me. This was not the case with Enhanced. At no point did I feel the need to even get a drink of water because for some reason my saliva production had increased. I noticed that I had a constant "wet mouth" type of feeling. Or perhaps I was just so focused on what I was doing that I didn't even consider the time to go and take a drink! Endurance is up, and recovery periods are down!

    Post workout energy is ridiculous. Most preworkouts give you a steady stream of energy and then that energy either dithers down nicely or you crash. Enhanced did neither. Instead this energy came wake awake, alert, and energized HOURS after I was done in the gym. I work nightshift and usually I have to get a coffee or shoot some Mio Energy into some water a few times during the evening at work. I usually work out around 2-3PM... and I didn't feel the need for a pick me up until well into my shift... around 11-12PM. So I had a nice 8 hour stream of continuous energy.

    Post workout also left me feeling very euphoric and my mood was elevated. This feeling dissipated after a few hours but it was a nice feeling to have that incorporated itself nicely into the other post-workout effects of Enhanced. Calm, cool, and relaxed.


    Taste: Slightly sweet with a hint of raspberry tanginess. Delicious and easy to drink. 10oz. seems a good measure of water for Enhanced.
    Pumps: On the level with agmatine/nitrate pumps... comes on quick and stays with you hours after your workout.
    Focus: Intense. You will not want to be able to concentrate on anything else besides what is right in front of you. Mind muscle connection is fantastic.
    Vascularity: Noticeable during workout, slightly tapers off afterwards but sticks around for awhile much like the pumps.
    Energy: Slowly builds up and increases as you go deeper into your workout. Lasts hours postworkout. No crash.
    Postworkout: Elevated mood.

    The answer is YES. PES has done it again. Enhanced will be something that I'm sure a lot of you will consider to be your go-to preworkout... I very much enjoyed it and will be looking forward to its release. Wish I had more right NOW!
    PEScience Representative

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Pet(e) View Post
    Ah yeah!!
    I'm just starting this early based on my excitement for the forthcoming killer product from PES. I'm from Canada so maybe I'll get it next week. I haven't spent much time on Anabolic Minds for quite some while, but some may recognize me from Now I shouldn't be too irrational about my sky-high early expectations as I just want to be fair and honest about PES Enhanced. I'm excited and expecting something great based on my experiences with just about all their other products, such as quite possibly my favorite product of 2012 with Alphamine... just quickly becoming one of my favorite brands to support this past year. PES to me represents the innovation, excitement and effectiveness I've come to expect from the brands I most loyally support. I've gone through so many Alphamine tubs since it was released it's probably a record.
    So hello AM members and heavy thanks to Josh and PES crew. I'll be here to get Enhanced very soon!

    Cheers, Peter LeDrew
    Quote Originally Posted by Pet(e) View Post
    Sorry for the late update. I was trying over and over to log on AM via my cell but just couldn't get it to work.

    Anyways, PES Enhanced is the real deal. Like I have stated, Energy, Focus and Pumps are awesome with this... very noticeable again with my second workout which went much like the first. I found that Enhanced really helped me keep the intensity very high. I always try to push myself, Outwork, as Layne Norton and some others do... I pushed hard through a productive leg and shoulder workout with some occlusion training thrown in for leg extensions. This was quite painful and the pumps were sure there. Another thing that was definitely noticeable was I was sweating lots... it was pouring off my brow and this rarely happens when I am using weights. I was really into my workout, my music and in the zone again.

    My rests were short and I was following a metabolic training day with short rests and high reps. Enhanced totally suited my intense training once again and I seriously can't wait to buy some of this winning preworkout. There's some good stuff in this no doubt and just what we want in a pre-workout. I really appreciate getting this to test out, but it's so good it really made me sad to finish that last sample... now it's just the waiting which is making me go CRAZY!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post
    Hey fellas, Ace here.
    Just got two packets of enhanced in the mail. I finished my breakfast about 45 minutes ago, and am about to take the prew/o ( I ALWAYS dose my pre's this way. I eat a LARGE breakfast, then 45-1hr later I take them before I leave for the gym).
    Previous pre's i have used are just about everything, NOxplode, litup, endorush, ABB speed stack, ABB NO pump, C4, JAck3d, Craze, white flood, fastwitch, etc.. the list goes on and on.
    The one I have been using most recently is C4. It does the trick, and the scoops are so small I usually put the scoop of dry powder RIGHT into my mouth.
    For logging purposes however, I will go oldschool and mix the PES enhanced sample in water.
    When I do actually MIX my pre's, I usually mix them in the least amount of water possible. For this however, I will be adding one packet (one serving) of ENHANCED to 8oz water in my shaker bottle, and shaking it.

    OK, here goes fellas.
    It appears to have mixed pretty well.
    After shaking, it is a little foamy on top, and like most pre's however, there is very slight settling at the bottom... And I mean SLIGHT. This is low compared to what I've seen in the past. (which is why most pre's usually go dry scoop straight to my mouth)
    It has a different taste to it.
    Pretty sweet, but different. It's kind of appley or fruit punchey, not sure yet.
    It goes down very smoothly. It does have a little tang to it, like most pre's.

    The tang is not unbearable, and it actually is kind of enjoyable.

    Overall I'd say mixability 9/10 (not 10 because there was very miniscule stuff at the bottom)
    Taste 8/10. It tastes pretty good, but there is a little TANG to it. I actually like the tang, but some people may not. (all depends on individual taste)

    I am an effects kind of guy though- I drink a pre workout because it WORKS, not because it is "low cal" or "tastes amazing" or some bull**** like that.

    Alright guys I drank the pre over the course of 10 minutes. I like the taste i like the mixability. I feel focused right now, but it is far too soon to say it is due to the pre workout.
    ( I definitely notice more focus than 10 minutes ago this is not a joke and I am not "pimping" this **** this is the truth)

    Anyways, time will tell. I am off to train BACK. My favorite day of the week BY FAR.
    When I get back I will have a few pictures for you of the packet / it mixed.
    Also, I will comment on the:
    vascularity (i train in a cold facility and i am 13.8% bf so if i get vascular, it will be due to this) I specifically noted yesterday when I took C4 and trained arms i was NOT vascular at all. We will see

    Alright guys THANK YOU for following. I will see you soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post
    Alright guys I am back
    I had a pretty awesome training session. All went well.
    I started with pullups, which never usually give me a pump because I can't do enough reps to get that pump. Also they have been much harder since I am now up to 198-200 from 185lb.
    I actually felt stronger on pullups than I have in a while, felt good.. Mind you I was only getting 8-10 reps, but I had a pretty good feel in my back by the end of them.
    Next was Rack ROWS. Usually I do NOT get a pump from these unless supersetted with some other form of row.
    I got a good pump from these, not anything surreal, but i felt great bloodflow to my upperback during these which was nice.
    I then moved to DB supinating rows. This is where my pump got pretty sick.. My pump from these lasted throughout the rest of my training and I can still feel some nice blood in my lats now.
    I finished up with two sets of fat man rows (aka inverted pullups) and i noticed i got a REALLY nice contraction on these, even at halfway through the movement.


    Mixability 9/10 see above.

    Taste 8/10 see above.

    Focus- 10/10 This is where this product really shined for me. I was not jittery, not over stimulated. I just had a REALLY nice, calm, laser sharp focus and determination. I am still quite focused right now. Also I did not/ have not crashed post w/o which i usually do.
    Another thing to note was that I had an excellent mind/muscle connection all throughout my session.

    Pump 8/10.. My pump wasn't mind blowing, but it was still a good pump regardless of the circumstances: ( I was training a little slower than normal due to me helping out other people at the gym), So I'd say I still got a really good pump for 1- training slowly and 2- doing power movements (rack rows never give me pumps, unless supersetted like I said above, which I really noticed when I had a pump during them.)

    vascularity 8/10.. I was covered up the whole time, and my gym has NO mirrors, so it was really hard to tell this. I did roll up my sleeves a few times inbetween sets though and noticed my forearms covered in veins- Much more vascular than I was yesterday training.. They weren't garden hose veins, but they were there. (mind you i'm fatter than I usually am @ 13.8% bf so I'm impressed).

    Endurance 8/10.. No I was not running marathons, But I noticed even though I was doing slightly more weight than usual, I was able to bust out a few more reps. So endurance was increased slightly.

    Overall- I'd give this product an 8.5/10
    I really do like the focus it gave me. Laser sharp. I felt slightly stronger even though I didnt eat as high of calories yesterday as I usually do, and was able to bust out a few more reps WHILE going heavier.
    When this product comes out I will definitely buy a tub.

    I know I already said this but another amazing thing about this product is I am still calm and focused after training. I normally feel like **** afterwards from products with too much caffeine / stims.
    Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post
    Attachment 73572

    Attachment 73573

    there she is all mixed up.. Anyways I really liked this pre can't wait to try it leg day Monday. I will post more then and then I will round all my info up and make it final/ post it on the product review section and in the other areas
    Quote Originally Posted by breezy11 View Post
    I was lucky enough to receive a couple samples of the new PES pre workout product Enhanced. Before I go into detail about the product, I'll offer a little background on my use of pre workout supplements and what I look to get out of them. I've tried the majority of pre workout supps available, but ever since the release of Craze, I've never made a repeat purchase of any other product. Focus is what I look for most, and there hasn't been anything else that puts me in the zone at the same level as Craze. However, I'm currently a couple weeks into a tub of Jack3d Micro (with Versa-1) and I've been happy with the results (I'll purchase more). Another thing that I should note, is my ridiculous stim tolerance (regardless of stim breaks). Out of all the people that say they have a high tolerance, I'm probably at a level above most of them. For example, 2 heaping scoops of Craze (probably at least 2.5 normal scoops), added caffeine, and 2g of ALCAR is just enough to get me going/focused.

    Now my thoughts on Enhanced. I'll break things down in the below categories.

    Mixability: Enhanced mixed up very well. Both times I put it in 10oz of water and the powder blended well by just swirling it around in my shaker. This method left zero foam, clumps, or powder sitting on the bottom. With my first serving, I shook it as well, which resulted in some foam. However, shaking wasn't needed and I used the swirl approach for the second sample.

    Taste: I was already aware that the flavor was blue raspberry prior to sampling Enhanced. When I opened the UPS envelope that's the scent that I picked up. As I previously mentioned, I used 10oz of water and that seemed to be a good amount. I enjoyed the taste and thought it did in fact taste like blue raspberry. I might have picked up a slightly "earthy" taste with a couple sips, but it wasn't strong and was much better than the majority of pre workouts I've tried. Considering that the unfinished coloring was doo doo brown, it could have just been in my head. I didn't think it was as refreshing as Alphamine, but I did like the taste and sipped it for a couple minutes.

    Focus: This is what I was looking for and I couldn't have been happier. I could feel the focus creeping in about 10 mins after I finished my last sip and it got better and better over the next 20+ minutes. It peaked right when I got to the gym, remained strong throughout my workouts, and was noticeable for a couple hours after as well. The type/feel of the focus is what impressed me most. It provided great mental clarity and sharp focus, which resulted in a great mind-muscle connection. It was a "cleaner" focus than what I get from Craze if that makes sense. The closest thing that I can compare it to is the type of focus I get with Versa-1 (and micro combined). I'd definitely purchase Enhanced based on the great focus alone.

    Energy: I was happy with the energy as well. 2 scoops (1 sample) was perfect for me and came on much like the focus. It was a very clean energy, that was jitter free, and remained strong during my time in the gym. The energy/focus combo had me working at an accelerated pace, which became apparent to me when I finished my workout without refilling my shaker with water...I usually have 2-3 refills. I'm confident that the majority of users will not need 2 scoops and many will be happy with 1. I had some extra energy and remained "sharp" for a couple hours following the gym. It was a slow and steady decline with zero crash.

    Pumps/vascularity: I don't really care much about or seek pumps like some people, but Enhanced did a great job in that department. I worked arms today and they started blowing up a few sets into my routine. This progressed as my workout went on and became intense about midway through. I'm a pretty veiny guy normally, but my vascularity was definitely enhanced . I was too focused to notice it for the first half of my workout, but when I did, I was impressed. I finished my routine with a big superset and this had my arms looking freakish. The below picture could have been a little better, but the vascularity is pretty obvious.

    Attachment 74515

    I want to thank bdcc and the rest of the PES team for this opportunity. I'll be impatiently waiting for the PES Insider email to arrive so Enhanced can be a part of my pre workout arsenal.

    Here they are to make it a bit easier for everyone.
    PEScience Representative

  8. Here is another!

    Quote Originally Posted by mdew091 View Post
    Holy cow!

    I took my sample on a empty stomach, and felt it hit me within minutes. I only did arms today, but on every single rep I had the energy to push until my muscles literally couldn't go anymore. Then had energy for hours after my workout as well. There must be some sort of stimulant in it that I have 0 tolerance to (I am somewhat of a stim junkie). I would describe it similar to the first time I took something with 1-3 dimeth, except it lasted for hours. I cant wait to use my other sample on leg day and see how badly I can wreck my legs.

    Mixability: about the same as Jack3d, a few floaties on the bottom

    Taste: I am not a big fan of blue raspberry or w/e flavor it was.

    Focus: about the same as taking ephedrine for the first time lol

    Strength: I'm sure it would have been a lot more if I hadnt taken it on a empty stomach, I could feel I had used up all my stored energy, but still wanted to keep going.

    Overall: extremely impressed, just didn't really like the flavor

  9. Awesome...
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  10. Loving these reviews can't wait for mailman to drop of my samples so I can try this, I'm dying to try it.

  11. Firgue id post mine here as well-
    Enhanced for the stim sensitive

    So first and foremost a huge thank you to josh and the whole pes team for their continued innovation and overall generosity to this community- it is truly appreciated.

    So I received two sample packs of enhance to beta test... Well, I am extremely stim sensitive and prone to anxiety so I generally stay away from all stims(don't even drink coffee or soda). However, I have been doing some experimenting(dabbling in stims and nootropics) lately so I was eager to try this product as I really respect pes and find their products to be top notch. All that being said, here are my findings-

    starting dose- I weighed the packs and determined the serving size to about be 6 grams. Due to my low tolerance I decided to start with just a 1/4 dose(1.5g).

    mixability- mixed in 3 ounces water, powder dissolved rapidly and left no residue or chunks.

    flavor, smell, and appearance- strong, yet pleasant(like kiddie vitamins) scent as soon as mixed in water. I was not told what flavor my samples were but the taste is palatable and has a bit of a grape bubblegum flavor(reminiscent of modern bcaas flavoring). The flavor is not overly sweet and easy to drink. It has a light hue to it- nearly clear in appearance.


    Stimulant/energy/cognition effects- I started to "feel" the product within minutes of ingestion. As I drove to the gym I felt very focused and driven- motivated to get to the weights. It seemed like I had more "energy", yet my heart was not pounding(usually the first thing I feel with any stim use). When I got to the gym I just sat in the car, listening to music, and trying pay close attention to how I was "feeling". The phrase that kept popping in my head was "in the zone". There was an odd combination of feeling super focused yet strangely calm and content.

    strength/pump/thermo effects- I found the pump effect of this product(even at the low dose I used) to be quite profound. I noticed some increased vascularity and what can only be described as increased "skin tightness". I'm fairly lean( around 7% at my last bodpod) and was surprised at the veins and striations in my lats and delts while doing pull downs. I seemed to recover well between sets and on a few occasions actually got more reps at the same weights on later sets. As far as thermo effects go, not much noted. May have been sweating at a slightly increased rate but hard to tell.

    side effects- about 3/4 through my workout I became a bit nauseas and my heart was racing some and started to feel a little anxious. However an extras nite or two of rest and it subsided and went about workout. I felt great the rest of the day- no stomach upset, no comedown, no overstimulation.

    overall thoughts- This product has me intrigued to say the least and may cause me to rethink my stance on stimulant use. The "feeling" this product causes is different from your standard high dose caffeine or dmaa- and much more tolerable and effective(thus far)I will continue to experiment and titrate the dose to find my "sweet spot" without eliciting unwanted effects and will keep notes here. Stay tuned

  12. What a bunch of great reviews! I have a feeling Enhanced is going to go quick at Nutra once it's released.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  13. Dang is it to late for samples? I'm a loyal PES user (shamless plug) lol..
    Motivation is what gets you started habit is what keeps you going.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by dat dude View Post
    Dang is it to late for samples? I'm a loyal PES user (shamless plug) lol..
    Got 2-4 more...PM me
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  15. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Got 2-4 more...PM me
    PM sent.. Thanks
    Motivation is what gets you started habit is what keeps you going.

  16. Do we have a date for the insider deal yet?
  17. Re: PES Enhanced Feedback - The people have spoken!

    Ill post my review here as well

    I was lucky to get a couple samples so big ups to DAdams and the Pes crew for giving me the opportunity.

    Energy/focus: This stuff is definitely strong but IMO not DMAA strung out type strong. Great focus and tunnel vision for me. Never felt sick or nauseous.

    Pump/Vascularity: Due to some personal events that happened my diet over christmas had gone to crap so most of my vascularity had gone away. Since the first of the year though i was able to get it back on track with my bf on its way back down. I took one of my doses on leg day and had some pretty good vascularity going in my forearms which was impressive and unexpected. None to really note in my legs but i didnt expect that. Legs felt tight and full of blood but not stupid painful.

    Taste/Mixability: Taste was fine, not the best i have tasted but not the worst and IMO if the product works i dont mind what it tastes like. It mixed great with 4-6 ounces of water.

    Thanks again to the guys at PES and i look forward to the final product being released.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  18. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT
    Ill post my review here as well

    I was lucky to get a couple samples so big ups to DAdams and the Pes crew for giving me the opportunity.

    Energy/focus: This stuff is definitely strong but IMO not DMAA strung out type strong. Great focus and tunnel vision for me. Never felt sick or nauseous.

    Pump/Vascularity: Due to some personal events that happened my diet over christmas had gone to crap so most of my vascularity had gone away. Since the first of the year though i was able to get it back on track with my bf on its way back down. I took one of my doses on leg day and had some pretty good vascularity going in my forearms which was impressive and unexpected. None to really note in my legs but i didnt expect that. Legs felt tight and full of blood but not stupid painful.

    Taste/Mixability: Taste was fine, not the best i have tasted but not the worst and IMO if the product works i dont mind what it tastes like. It mixed great with 4-6 ounces of water.

    Thanks again to the guys at PES and i look forward to the final product being released.
    Thanks for taking the time to review bro

  19. ......

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarkis18 View Post
    Big thanks to PES for sending me a couple samples of Enhanced to try.

    Taste: Honestly, I am not sure how to describe the taste of the sample I received. It was good and definitely refreshing but I could not figure out what it was. At some points I got a taste of apple and at other times I thought it was maybe a tropical fruit flavor. Regardless, I was pleasantly pleased with the taste, and it was certainly different from other pre-workouts I’ve tried. I would not have any problem drinking this on a daily basis.

    Energy/Focus: This is certainly a category everyone looks to when trying to pick a pre-workout. All I can say is that PES Enhanced delivers big time. Craze has always been my go to pre-workout, but Enhanced may have just changed that. For me, Enhanced gave a great focus and also uplifted my mood, which made me more excited and ready to lift. My stamina was fantastic whenever I took this and I felt like I could lift for hours. Usually I hate doing cardio after lifting, and usually split them up in the day, but whenever I took Enhanced I had the motivation, drive, and energy to continue working out and even bust out 30-40min of cardio. I always look for a pre-workout that will provide me with continuous energy rather than a sudden burst in the beginning only to die out at the end, and in category, Enhanced exceeded my expectations

    Pump: I was not sure what to expect from Enhanced as far a pump went when I first took it. I’m used to having a pre-workout and then if I really wanted to a pump, I’d take something like Hemavol as well. However, with Enhanced, this would definitely not be necessary. I took Enhanced on an arm day specifically to test out how pumped it would get me, and it blew me away. Within a couple of minutes of working out my triceps and biceps the pump was almost unbearable. By the end of my workout my veins were popping everywhere. Insane. I have a never had a single pre-workout induce that kind of effect. As I said, a pre-workout AND a pump product together would often do that, but not a single product. I was definitely impressed. I cannot wait to see the ingredient profile once this drops to see what caused the insane pumps

    Overall: I cannot wait for this to be released. I used to relying on one pre-workout solely due to the fact that nothing on the market really ever impresses me. Enhanced is going to be a game changer and a refreshing new product in the pre-workout category. I will definitely be using this product and would have no problem dropping money on multiple tubs, it will certainly be worth it. PES nailed it and once available, the pre-workout market will certainly be ENHANCED.
    Quote Originally Posted by fumoney View Post
    I would like to THANK BPjohn123 and the entire PES team for this opportunity to sample their new PWO product - ENHANCED

    I received 2 samples couple days ago and I was able to try out 1 sample this morning.

    I am not what you would say a dedicated PWO user. I have tried out sample packets here and there, but I have never used them in a regimen for an extended period of time. I have used workout enhancers (see what I did there ?) in the form of fat burners, agmatine and BCAA.

    I have a pretty good idea what STIM does for my body. It usually gives me a boost aerobically in a burst. Maybe a 10-15 minute burst during the workout then it fades out. When it fades, I definitely notice a difference and sometimes need to struggle to finish the workout.

    Agmatine works well for me in the way of enhancing (did it again) muscle contraction. It gives me a nice mental boost, seeing the muscle pumped up and veiny. Definitely some placebo effect there. However, I do need to pace myself a bit since the contractions are painful at times.

    BCAA provides me with energy during workouts when cutting and I like to use it pre- and intra- workout when energy level is low due to lack of calories or carbs.

    So.....why did I want to finally get into the PWO game in the way of using a formulated product ?

    How can all these people be wrong. So many people are using them to improve their workouts and the industry is now flooded with PWOs. Competition means better product and if I need to start, why not do it with a reputable company like PES ?

    Due to lack of experience with formulated PWOs, I won't be able to compare my results of using Enhanced with any other PWOs. I can only try to explain anything I am seeing to the best of my knowledge and maybe help other first time PWO users, if there are any, who thought about purchasing Enhanced.

    Here is my review

    Appearance -

    1 - Beige sandy colored powder with slight grainy texture. I am assuming color will be added on final product ?
    Attachment 74601

    2 - It does not clump with pressure.
    3 - Lite iced tea or beer color when mixed with water.
    Attachment 74600

    Solubility -

    1 - Mixes immediately with water. Seems to mix when I put the powder in the cup and poured water over it. Vigorous shake mixes the powder completely with no clumps or residue.

    +++VIDEO LINK+++

    2 - Some settling does occur. Need to swirl the cup to mix it again prior to drinking.
    Attachment 74598

    See the sandstorm ?
    Attachment 74599

    3 - If shaken vigorously, foaming does occur. It takes some time for it to go away. I swirled the cup several times to get rid of the foam, although not completely.

    Taste -

    1 - I took a bit of the powder and put it in my mouth. It tasted sweet, but I could not figure out what it tasted like. Possibly the blue raspberry modern BCAA ? It tasted pleasant enough and not overly sweet where I think I could probably put it all in my mouth and chase it down with water.

    2 - When mixed with 12 oz of water, it tasted like a powdered fruit drink. Again, not overly sweet and definitely drinkable. I am sure flavoring will be added and evaluation of taste is definitely subjective.

    Workout Summary -

    I woke up at 4:30 AM this morning after sleeping for 5 hours. I mixed my Enhanced sample with 12 oz of water and downed it at 5:30 AM and off to the gym I went.

    I lifted as soon as I got there. (about 30 minutes elapsed since taking enhanced)
    Chest workout first thing in the morning after a 16 hour fast. I did not feel an overwhelming rush of energy, but felt fully awake. I followed my normal Chest routine for comparison. Started off with pyramid progression on Incline Smith bench press. Pyramided up to top weight and finished off with 2 drop sets. Hmmm....I normally need to catch my breath a bit before going to the next exercise, but I felt like I had enough to do more. I did 2 more drop set. Even after I was done, I did not feel like I had to catch my breath. My chest and arms were fully pumped. In the video below, you will see me resting the bar on my upper chest at the end of the exercise. Aerobic improvement or placebo effect? I am not sure. I just felt like I could continue. Here is a video of the last set.

    +++VIDEO LINK+++
    Smith Incline Press 315-275-225-185-135 (drop sets) fumoney - YouTube

    After the pyramid, I normally finish off with 8 sets total of supporting exercises.

    I worked on machine flyes for 4 sets....then followed with 3 drop sets.
    I worked on machine chest press for 6 sets....then followed with 2 drop sets.

    Still placebo effect knowing I had something different in me and wanted to push the limits ? Better muscle / mind connection or mental focus?

    It's definitely something. That was an increased load of 2 sets + additional 5 drop sets total.

    I had some energy left over, so before I left I hit the elliptical for 20 minutes. definite placebo effect here as I pushed the pace as fast as I can to see what I had left.

    I burned 404 calories in 20 minutes. Fasted pace I had completed all year. This is usually my peak pace (20 cals/minute) on cardio only days.
    Attachment 74597

    OK, I was now spent.


    After I came home, I sat down for few minutes to reflect.

    1 - Excellent workout.

    2 - No strength increase, but better aerobic capacity and overall energy.

    3 - Muscles were hard and pumped.

    4 - Better focus and wanting to and can do more. (some of this attributed to placebo effect, but work load increase was noticeable)

    5 - Tastes good. No bloat.

    6 - Mixed well with water.

    7 - How do I differentiate first time PWO user reaction versus first time Enhanced user reaction?

    Can't really conclude anything at this point since this is just one workout. But I am intrigued and want to really test out this product. If I see the same positive reaction with the second sample during a deadlift day (usually get light headed and need a lot of time to recover), it really gives me enough validation to make the insider purchase. I am sure the insider deal will include other PES products that will make it worthwhile. If I have positive experience with the insider deal, then maybe I need to include PWO in my future supplement regimen in the form of Enhanced by PES.

    Again, I want to thank BPjohn and the PES team for letting me test out Enhanced.


  20. Used one of my samples today. I will say this if your not an insider become one this was one of my best workouts in awhile.

  21. The focus factor sounds great, cannot wait to try it.
    doing my own thang!

  22. Breezy's review was added in post 7. Read it while its hot.

    PEScience Representative

  23. Fumoney's review added!

  24. I'll throw my personal review in here. I'm a rep but I think most AM members trust my reviews so take it for what its worth.

    Overall rating = 9.5/10

    Taste and consistency 9/10
    I mixed enhanced with about 6OZ of water and 3 ice cubes. I love alphamine chilled so I figured why not try it with enhanced. This turned out to be a very smart choice because this stuff tasted delicious chilled! I honestly enjoyed every sip of the product. Used Breezy's suggestion with just swirling the product around a mixer rather than shaking it and it was a great idea. Mixed up perfectly and I didn't have the slightest trace of foam. The point I subtracted on this rating is due to the bitter taste that was in my shaker after drinking enhanced and reusing it for my intra water container. Kind of reminded me of the craze taste you would get when reusing shakers after dosing.

    Energy 9.5/10
    The energy was a creeper for me. I normally take my pwo's before I leave for the gym which usually leaves a 30-35 minute gap between dosing and my first working set. Today I was visiting my parents before I went to the gym so I had to drink enhanced on the ride to the gym. The energy started very light for me in the first 20 minutes, I had almost thought maybe something was wrong because I'm usely very stim sensitive especially when trying a new product. As I push through my first 5 or 6 sets I start to notice the energy really pick up, by the time I had moved to my secondary lifts I actually used supersets when I rarely do them. I'd say the peak of the energy was around the 40-50 minute mark and stayed very strong and noticeable even til now which is 3 hours after drinking it. I went grocery shopping a little over an hour ago and even found myself aggressively chewing gum while making any decisions or waiting.

    Pump and vascularity 9.5/10
    Like the energy aspect this really shined at the 45 minute mark for me. I'm obviously in PCT right now so when I'm not in the gym or have no pump going I have been feeling very dry and small lately. After a few sets of Cable fly's super set with Vbar tricep pushdown I started to feel incredibly pumped. I'd say it even started to feel almost as good as when I was on. One good thing is the pump seems to hold for long after the session as well which is nice. During and after more routine veins were very prominent through my shoulders and down my arms. Even now after I showered I notice there is way more veins visible throughout my quads and calfs. Something I really only notice when I'm using agmatine or products with agmatine in it.

    Focus and drive 10/10
    This was killer for me! I could really feel this kick in quickly and was very intense. Today I forgot my earbuds for my iPhone so I had my first workout in over a year without music. That didn't even matter what so ever though. The moment I started my warm-up sets I was dialed in and had my mind on nothing but killing it and getting the most out of each lift. Was able to push my self to a new high on incline bench press which is insane at this point of PCT for me. I noticed that when I was going through each rep I was really concentrating on making the intended muscles get the full work and doing a perfect rep each time. It allowed me to achieve an incredible pump and make the session really fun.

    Great pre-workout and this is surely going to be a winner in my honest opinion. It covered all bases and the workout felt amazing on enhanced.
    PEScience Representative

  25. I agree with the swirling technique seems to work better for me i did mine in 8 ounces of water though.


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