Alphamine and Compound 20

  1. Alphamine and Compound 20


    Can Alphamine and Compound 20 be taken at the same time? I know they both have N-Coumaroyldopamine.


  2. It is my understanding that you dont need to. I believe N-Courmaroyldopamine isnt the only ingredient that the two products share. Now obviously they arent in the same amounts and proportions but I believe just Alphamine would suffice. I would like to hear what one of the PE's has to say about it.

  3. Currently doing Erase Pro, C20 and Alphamine. Though I've only been doing 1 scoop of alphamine, I haven't noticed any negative side effects.

    My log is on titled "Moof's c20 + Erase Pro + Alphamine log!"

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