Anabeta Elite/ DAA/ Erase Pro Stack

  1. Anabeta Elite/ DAA/ Erase Pro Stack

    Hey everybody, this is going to be my first recomp ever. I'm 20 years old, 6' 210lbs right now, 100% grass fed beef. I've been lifting for 3 years. When I started lifting I was 17, and 155lbs this year being the first I actually started taking diet seriously (i never counted calories or macros prior, and thought I was eating enough). I started a bulk a year ago at 190, and now I'm 210. I'm looking to recomp and shave off a little bit of fat to see my gains, while getting a more dense physique. I really do miss being lean (even though I love the size I've put on)

    Here's a little compilation of pictures I put together. I haven't taken many pics in a while because I don't like being too bulky, and I don't like realizing I have some fat on myself. The before pictures are from about a year ago. The "after bulking" pictures even are 2 months old already.Name:  Untitled-1.jpg
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    I'd really like to know how I should go about using these supp's. I've never done anything with test boosting and AI, and I'm kind of nervous I would somehow **** something up. Any help would be appreciated. I've done a lot of searching through PES' forum, but I couldn't find any concrete instructions.

    I will be tracking this daily, or whenever I really feel like it.

  2. You should take everything as recommended per bottle. Some guys do six anabeta daily, but most see good results at four a day. Good choice on the stack though

  3. /forum/supplement-reviews-logs/221865-anabeta-elite-daa-2.html#post3815792

  4. My favorite PES stack to date... although sometimes I like to mix it with erase and og anabeta.
    doing my own thang!

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