Which PES products...

  1. Which PES products...

    It's been awhile (5 years) since I've used supps for weight loss. Things have changed a lot. I couldn't even remember my old log in info for this forum and had to register again. After reviewing all the new products, ingredient profiles & personal reviews it seems PES has taken over a large portion of the fat loss arena. I don't even remember PES being around back then.

    I've decided to shed a few pounds and have decided between 2 different stacks:
    Stack 1 - Alphamine, Erase Pro, Shift
    Stack 2 - EC, AT2, Erase Pro

    Diet will not be an issue and I usually use a combo of HIIT cardio and heavy complexes. First question, which stack do you recommend and how long? Secondly, are there any other supplements that you would add to the chosen stack? Thanks in advance for the info....

  2. Either Stack gets the job done, alphamine will offer less stimulation but no crash and no jitters. As for adding a supplement. I would add 7 keto post stack to stimulate thyroid production, up your zinc uptake. Also Anabeta elite would be nice because it contains both 7keto and Forksolin which are both potent stimulators of thyroid function.
    doing my own thang!

  3. agreed. anabeta elite + Erase Pro + alphamine would be great for a cut.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  4. Both good stacks. I like Alphamine + erase pro and anabeta elite. Shift is a great add on also.

  5. Stack two is an excellent choice, IMO. Run the stack for 8 weeks and I'm sure that you'll see fabulous results.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Thanks for the input guys. Think I'm going to go with stack 2. Sounds like either choice will be effective.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by OKnative View Post
    Thanks for the input guys. Think I'm going to go with stack 2. Sounds like either choice will be effective.
    Can't go wrong, keep us updated bud


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