Testify Stack Results

  1. Testify Stack Results

    Just finished my sponsored log of the Testify Stack (AnaBeta + Test Powder). Here is my log for everything with some pics: Bolt Testifies to the Effectiveness of PES/USPLabs

    Here is the final review:

    Final Review:
    Weeks 1-2: AnaBeta
    Weeks 3-6: AnaBeta + Test Powder
    Weeks 7-8: AnaBeta + Alphamine
    Throughout the log I also used Protocol pre-workout, with Craze making a strong appearance (after dropping Ultima) and lasting the majority of the log as well (both products used before this log).
    Staples included: Vit. D3, CL Oximega, Iforce/SNS Zma, and Genomyx Gut Health and Slin-Sane v2.

    -Dosed at 6 caps per day. 2 with Pre-workout meal, 2 post-workout meal, and 2 with last meal of the day.
    -I want to first note that I didn't actually write a ton of info directly about how AnaBeta was working during the log. This is not a reflection on the product, more so the fact that I already know and love this stuff (got a pile of it in my stash) and I have documented its effects before. With that said here are my thoughts from this run:
    Muscle Fullness/Pumps/Vascularity:
    One of the first things I always notice (and noticed around day 5 to start) is the increase in muscle fullness and vascularity. By the end of this log things were borderline ridiculous. Even noticed some crazy new calf veins when doing yard work this past week (typically no new leg veins appear for me unless I strip some fat off). This past week on higher reps (similar to the first week) pumps were much greater than the first week. Got to the point the movement was halted due to loss of range of motion.

    This kicks in a little more gradually for me and paired with the fact that I felt the greatest strength increases during Test Powder, I will note more about them later. Muscular endurance was also noted to have improved via more reps during my Myo-Reps sets than at the beginning of the log. Numbers will be posted at the bottom of this review.

    Body Comp.:
    Typically I have used AnaBeta/AnaBeta Elite on my cutting and recomp attempts. Always loved the muscle retention while dieting, but using it on a bulk is also advantageous. Feel I dropped some fat and weight jumped 2lbs by the end of the log (it was more up/down throughout but that was the final result). The pictures will determine if everyone else agrees.
    I don't note any strong negatives. Overall I don't really notice a change in mood or any other smaller benefits, but that isn't always an issue.

    After using this again through this run I have come to the conclusion that AnaBeta and ArA are my two favorite single ingredients beyond more simple and highly studied ingredients (Creatine, Beta Alanine, etc.). Don't really see myself going too far out my comfort zone to try other products for their intended purposes unless the ingredients complement these two products. Maybe I'll have to stack them one day....
    While the amount I wrote about them isn't a ton I think the biggest thing to note is how often I use AnaBeta. I can't say how great this stuff is other than by saying I have enough bottles of AnaBeta to keep me going 2-3 runs of it in 2013 (and that isn't even counting the AnaBeta Elite I have).

    Test Powder
    -Started dosing at 2 scoops with pre-workout meal. Found I enjoyed it best with 2 scoops pre-workout preferably with a stim like Craze. Dosed with first meal of the day on off days.
    -Quick note about my view on "test-boosters". In general (and especially for my age) I feel these products don't necessarily equate to increased muscle mass gains as they probably won't boost test into that high of a level. I prefer to use them on cuts to help optimize test levels when they may be compromised (longer duration dieting, lower cals, etc), so this is not my usual usage. I like them for this as they tend to improve mood and help maintain strength in my experiences. Never used DAA before.

    The biggest thing I noticed was my mood elevation. Really enjoyed how I felt during workouts when taking it before training. When stacked with Craze before workouts it was crazy. Felt great euphoria and mood elevation all day. Interested in how this would fair in a caloric deficit, but feel that it really shined in just making me feel good throughout. This has tapered away during these last two weeks without Test Powder despite still using Craze.

    WOW. It didn't matter when I dosed this stuff but sleep was always awesome. Woke up refreshed and ready to go. Feel sleep was deeper as at first I had some crazy dreams, but after awhile I was sleeping straight through the entire night without even waking up to get a chance to remember the dreams.

    This ties in with the sleep IMO. Felt great from workout to workout. Had pretty strong DOMS the day after some of the lifts, but 2 days after and I was usually feeling good to go. While that isn't always the best indicator of recovery I also never felt like I was getting too run down from one workout to the next in a way that would hurt the workouts intensity/weights.

    While I was "backing off" on the 531 sets due to more intense accessory work, the weights still started to feel light. Got to the point where I was questioning how helpful they were not being pushed. Endurance on the Myo-reps and Boring But Big 5 x 10 seemed to get easier as well.

    Complete Formula:
    While to some this isn't a big deal, but I love the ingredient profile, and "completeness" of it. TMG, Agmatine, L-Dopa, LCLT and anti-estrogen support all in one profile compliment the DAA nicely. No need to add anything extra unless you really want to.


    I don't see it as bad based on how much is included within this product. For some it may be steep. If you want just DAA go with something like SNS or SS bulk caps IMO.

    Honestly can't say I am positive this is from just Test Powder. As of right now (2 weeks off TP) I still have some bad acne popping up occasionally. I really did notice it get bad 2 weeks into Test Powder though.

    I did note some fatigue during the log. Possible over sleeping due to how deep it was and made it a little hard to wake up some days. This was off and on and in general felt rested, but not always.

    Solid stuff. Really interested in using it as part of a cut to preserve mood and strength in a caloric deficit. As proof I enjoyed it I bought a second bottle that is sitting in my cupboard right now waiting to be used one day...

    Overall for the Complete Stack of AnaBeta + Test Powder:

    While training has been nothing short of great these last two weeks, I really feel that the four weeks in the middle of the log using the complete Testify Stack were the best weeks. Performance has still been great since ending Test Powder, but mood and sleep have not been as high of quality. Definitely planning on running this again in the future, probably as AnaBeta Elite + Test Powder during a pre-summer cut.

    Tale of the Tape:

    Body Weight:
    Final total after the 8 weeks of this log: ~2lbs gained.
    Weight was a little more up and down than just this. As noted last two weeks my weight has been fluctuating more than usual. After 6 weeks of the log (end of Test Powder) I was up 3-4lbs. Weight has dropped for the most part the last two weeks other than some weird spikes of weight.
    Unfortunately I did not actually use calipers to measure before or after this run. Looking back I probably should have. Pics show a difference but even over 8 weeks the amount of possible muscle gain isn't extremely noticeable.

    While I didn't do any maxes right before the log I did hit some real heavy singles this past week. 380lbs on Squat and 405lbs on Deadlift are personal bests. May have been able to do more on Deadlift but saying and doing are two different things. Those numbers are higher than my estimated full max at this time but nothing to give a definite increase. Personal Records are personal records though no matter where the start was.
    Did some of the same myo-reps work on week 1 and week 8 to test strength/endurance gains.
    -Barbell Curl 55 x 18 +12 ====> 55 x 26 + 15
    -Rope Pressdown Plate 12 x 25 + 20 ====> Plate 14 x 25 +15
    -Chest Flies Plate 10 x 15 + 8 ====> Plate 10 x 25 + 15
    -OHP 85lbs x 15 + 7 ====> 85lbs x 19 + 12
    While I didn't recheck Lat Pull Down or Bench Press they definitely increased in strength for the Myo-Reps. This can be seen with how quite often I upped the weight yet achieved the same amount of reps as the previous workout.

  2. Great review, thanks bolt!

  3. Great detail Bolt! Very informative.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative


  4. Thanks guys. I tried to do my best with logging as I really appreciated the opportunity. I miss the AnaBeta and Test Powder right now...but I am also deloading and have extras tubs/bottles of them staring me in the face. Taking time off sucks.

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