AT2/Erase and drinking alcohol?

  1. AT2/Erase and drinking alcohol?

    Not the brightest idea.. I know..

    But my buddy's birthday is coming up this weekend and would really like to kick back a few beers with the guys.

    Is this okay when on Alpha T2 and Erase?

  2. Obviously drinking isnt really recommended while taking any supplements but a beer here or there wont hurt you at all.

  3. I dont usually drink that much and I know alcohol will have a negative effect on my results, but since this is a very special party just want to make sure it would be safe to drink a couple of beers and drinks with my buddies eventhough I'm on AlphaT2 and Erase..

  4. You're fine bro. You are not taking methylated roids.

  5. Thx.

    I know the label on OxyElitePro says "Dont mix with alcohol", so just wondered if AlphaT2 or Erase was like that.

    Better safe than sorry I guess.

  6. Would it be best to skip the supps that day, when I know, I will be drinking in the pm?

    Or should I just follow my usual schedule..?

  7. ive taken erase before drinking multiple times. you're fine. the at2 i might leave out for that night. I actualy feel in a better mood when taking erase and going out for a drink. But erase puts me in a better mood by itself.

  8. Would you still take AT2 in the a.m?

    Sorry for all the questions.. maybe I'm just being a puss and overthinking things

  9. as far as safety your fine taking both. I just wouldnt feel good from the thermogenic and stim effects of at2 if im going out.

  10. I was more worried about safety/health reasons, but seems I gonna be fine.

    Think I'm gonna take my normal 1xErase+2xAT2 in the morning, then follow up with 1xErase in the afternoon and nothing in the evening.


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