Alphamine TASTES SO GOOD!!!

  1. Alphamine TASTES SO GOOD!!!

    Had to try it, so I poured 4.5 oz of water in a measuring cup, threw in 1 scoop of alphamine. WOW, talk about tasting like juice, literally if I had a blinder on, I would have thought I was not drinking a supplement powder infused with water. Updates later on how I thought of it's performance. Forgot to mention it also mixes easily.
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  2. This is how I feel, I wasn't even supposed to be on fat burners but I couldn't resist lol.

    Which flavour are you using?
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  3. HAHA yea same here. I currently have 2 tubs of Fruit punch. I will try the other flavors soon though.

    Update: I am experience a euphoria no doubt about that. Its been about 30 minutes since I downed a serving on an empty stomach.
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  4. Update, def sweated quite a bit. What I noticed most was my cardio capabilities VASTLY increased, usually during rounds I feel a little winded but I literally felt nonchalant in between rounds which was a plus but new to me. I may use this as a pre sparring supp once in a while.
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  5. Its like christmas seeing all these threads popup while i wait for it to arrive! Everyday after work/uni I race home to see if it arrived yet. One day i will be very pleased.
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  6. LOL it will get there
    doing my own thang!

  7. Lol nice Andrew, thanks for the feedback. Now I want some alphamine

  8. Still waiting for someone to try the Rasp. Lemonade. Based off how good FP is I bet RL is amazing.


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