Alphamine FAQ

  1. Alphamine FAQ

    What is Alphamine?

    Alphamine is the latest and greatest introduction to the PES product line. Its a fat burner in powder form that features new innovative ingredients, a lean mass preservation system, muscle hardening agent, and targets nearly all physiological mechanisms to induce significant body fat reductions.

    Why is Alphamine a powder?

    We decided to put Alphamine in a powder form to allow the maximum level of customization for the product and pack it full of ingredients. No more being stuck at 1 or 2 capsule doses, you’re free to experiment and find the amount that suits you!

    Aside from being a powder, what makes Alphamine different?

    Alphamine contains many novel ingredients and targeted pathways that allows the maximum amount of fat loss. We also include potent muscle hardening & anti-catabolic ingredients, so its truly formulated to burn fat, and spare muscle!

    What are the stacking options with Alphamine?

    While Alphamine was designed to be a sole product...the All-Inclusive Physique Transformer, we know people still cant help but STACK.
    - Erase Pro - Maximum level of dryness and hardening and leaning to the physique
    - Anabeta Elite - Maximum strength and lean mass gain
    - Other testosterone boosters, such as Endosurge, Test Powder, or DAA Capsules
    - Alphamine should not be utilized with other fat burners or products containing stimulants.

    Can Alphamine be used by men and women?

    Yes! Alphamine was formulated to be equally effective in men and women. The muscle retaining ingredients are non-hormonal and extremely beneficial to anyone wishing to reduce body fat & develop a better physique.

    What is the maximum length of time one can take Alphamine?

    8 weeks. We then recommend a subsequent 4 week break.

    Does Alphamine cause jitters, crash, or overstimulation?

    Alphamine provides an extremely “clean” sense of stimulation. In some users extremely sensitive to caffeine they may experience slight jitters, however the average person will love the feeling Alphamine provides.

    How do you take Alphamine?

    The standard dosing of Alphamine is 2 scoops in the morning, one at night. Its best to take them on an empty stomach. Please see label for specific instructions.

    Why does it need to be taken on an empty stomach?

    The special extraction of yohimbine we used in Alphamine loses its effectiveness in the presence of insulin. Because of this, we advise dosing 1 hour after a meal or 30 minutes prior to eating.

    What are some different ways to dose Alphamine?

    Since Alphamine is in a powder, dosing can be ultimately customized to your favor. Don't like taking 2 scoops at once? Split it up to 1.5 scoops twice a day. If the full dose is too strong for you, try 1 scoop twice a day, 1 scoop in the morning half in the afternoon, etc. We want YOU to be in control with Alphamine.

    How does Alphamine preserve muscle tissue?

    The main powerhouse of muscle preservation in the formula is HICA. HICA works by increasing protein synthesis levels, which when increased allows less muscle protein to become broken down for energy. Beta agonists (ephedrine, clen, higenamine, etc) are also shown to be extremely effective anti-catabolic agents. Each serving of Alphamine contains a full dose of HICA and beta agonists to allow maximum muscle retention!

    How does Alphamine target fat loss?

    The main mechanism behind stubborn body fat is a receptor known as the “alpha-2 adrenoceptor”. When this receptor is “On”, it reduces several key processes in fat mobilization. Alpha-2 receptors are most prominent in the “love handles” region, and it explains why so many people have trouble losing body fat in this area. Alphamine works to shut those receptors “OFF”, so these areas become stubborn no more!

    Can I combine Alphamine with other caffeinated products?

    Due to the potent nature of Alphamine, we cannot recommend it with any other caffeinated or stimulant containing products.

    How long should I wait before eating after taking a serving of Alphamine?

    30 minutes is the least amount of time one should wait to eat after taking Alphamine. Dont worry though, the appetite suppressing effect is so strong you’ll likely forget to eat for hours after taking it!
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  2. Kev or Josh...or Ben or Bobby...or Ryan...Any of you would clarify to me if it is safe or a good idea to do: 1 scoop 3x a day + 1x Bronkaid? Just curious !
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza View Post
    Kev or Josh...or Ben or Bobby...or Ryan...Any of you would clarify to me if it is safe or a good idea to do: 1 scoop 3x a day + 1x Bronkaid? Just curious !
    Stacking with Ephedrine is treading on thin ice, i wouldnt recommend it.
    PES - PM me anytime for any questions
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  4. I think running 3 scoops per day will be too much, unless you have a very high tolerance to stims!

  5. Bump for the nice write up!

  6. It says not to combine with other fat burners or stim products, but what about something like this:

    6:30 am - Alphamine
    1:00 pm - 2 capsules RPM + Craze


    6:30 am - Alphamine
    1:00 pm - Volatile


    6:30 am - Alphamine
    1:00 pm - Ergo Burn or LEAN-EFX Refined



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