10 winner selected for the TESTify stack!

  1. 10 winner selected for the TESTify stack!

    This is one of the best promotions you'll ever see!!!

    10 winner selected for the TESTify stack!

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    We are offering a chance to win the TESTify stack to TEN lucky winners.

    PES The TESTify Stack (Test Powder & AnaBeta): Discount The TESTify Stack Supplements

    To enter please tell us:

    1) Why do you want to use the stack?
    2) Why will this stack suits your goals?
    3) Will you log this stack?

    For anyone who logs the stack:

    1) Will you be able to start straight away?
    2) Will you be running these on their own, or as a stack with more products?

    There are no wrong answers!

    No logging obligations but for those of you who would like to log the stack you will be able to extend the run for an additional month as we will send you another stack towards the end of your run if you are satisfied and would like to continue for 4 more weeks.

    Thank PES and USP Labs reps for making this stack promo a possibility.

    Winners will be selected 14 days from now (5th September).

  2. Awesome!

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    it sure is.. head over there and apply

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