bloodwork before or after?

  1. bloodwork before or after?

    I've been in the process of a slow cut/recomp for the last five to six months.
    I plan to start alpha t2/erase/ maybe some EC low dosed as well?
    Yet am thinking of my first bicycle ride. Should I get BW before the alpha t2/erase run?
    Or how long after I'm done with it would I have to wait before getting some bw?
    I've read that erase may drop libido? Anything to counter this? Aside from daa? (Pub.gyno)

    May post diet and stats later.

  2. If you can afford it before and after. Yes get blood work before starting the stack to make sure all health is place. 4-8 weeks into you get another blood test. Either DAA or something like EndoSurge will do the job for libido.
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  3. The doc is sure going to be curious to why so much BW Smh

  4. So tell em you are monitoring your hormones, at the end of the day he has NO choice but to allow you to get blood work as it does not negatively affect your health in any way, yet lets you the patient know where you are. In order to get prescriptions for any medication, you MUST first get blood work done.
    doing my own thang!

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