Will Erase make me fail a NCAA drug test?

  1. Will Erase make me fail a NCAA drug test?

    Simple question. I want to do a 4 or 6 week run of DAA+Erase but am hesitant because of the possibility of a drug test.

    NCAA tests for both recreational drugs and also steroids so hopefully somebody has some input!

    Thank you!

  2. We dont check the lists or keep up with them...give them a call and ask.

    Pretty sure the NCAA bans anything that can boost testosterone or reduce estrogen so, if thats the case both DAA and Erase would be out

    Maybe ask in the Supplement forum if anyone has been tested by NCAA while taking Erase recently
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  3. Booo NCAA. I HATE IT. So many supplements I want to try. Thank God for summer..

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