Is the SHIFT / Erase stack ok for me? Opinions wanted.

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  1. Log is started..... Today is my first day weight training on the full dosage of Erase and AT2...

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    what do you guys consider a good percentage of bodyfat lost per week (i know it will get harder when i get lower).

    i started about a month ago around 34% and i am now down to 30.7...

    I get it checked again Friday. I am hoping to get under 30% this week...
    It is recommended to lose 0.5% bodyfat per week - some lose less (those who are already lean and want to get that little bit leaner) and others more (generally those who have a lot to lose). Be aware that the faster you lose it, the less likely most are to keep it off. You'll know if you're losing too fast - you want to KEEP the muscle mass that you currently have, so DON'T sacrifice that over wanting fast results.


    "Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose." - Rosie Chee



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